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  • NEET Counselling 2023 | MBBS in Bangladesh

    • July 14, 2018
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    NEET Counselling 2023 | MBBS in Bangladesh

    In the realm of medical studies, securing a seat in a reputed institution is the primary aspiration of every NEET aspirant. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) has been serving as a critical entrance exam for aspiring medical students in India. The year 2023 promises exciting opportunities for NEET aspirants, especially for those interested in pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh. One organization that has been playing a significant role in guiding students through this journey is Fortune Education.

    Why MBBS in Bangladesh?

    Bangladesh, known for its high-quality education standards and affordable cost of living, has become a preferred destination for students seeking MBBS education. The curriculum aligns with international guidelines, ensuring students gain substantial knowledge and practical skills. Moreover, the MCI and WHO recognize Bangladesh’s medical colleges, enabling students to practice anywhere globally after graduation.

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    When it comes to studying medicine abroad, Bangladesh has emerged as a popular destination, particularly for Indian students. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this growing trend.

    1. Quality Education

    Bangladesh boasts an exceptional standard of medical education. The country’s medical universities follow a curriculum that complies with international guidelines. This ensures that students receive a globally-recognized degree, which forms a solid foundation for a successful medical career.

    2. Affordable Tuition and Living Costs: An MBBS degree can often be an expensive undertaking, especially for students studying abroad. However, Bangladesh offers high-quality medical education at a much lower cost compared to other foreign countries. Furthermore, the cost of living is significantly lower than in most Western or even Asian countries, making it a financially viable choice.

    3. MCI and WHO Recognition: Medical colleges in Bangladesh are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO). This means that the degree awarded is recognized globally, providing students with the opportunity to practice anywhere in the world post-graduation.

    4. Cultural Similarities: Bangladesh shares significant cultural similarities with India, which can make the transition easier for Indian students. From the food to the languages spoken (Bangla and English), Indian students generally find it easier to adapt to life in Bangladesh.

    5. Convenient Admission Process: The admission process for Bangladeshi medical colleges is relatively straightforward, with no additional entrance tests. The only prerequisite is qualifying for NEET, making it convenient for students.

    6. Emphasis on Clinical Practice: Bangladesh’s MBBS curriculum places a strong emphasis on clinical practice. This means students get hands-on exposure and practical experience, which is crucial for a career in medicine.

    7. Proximity to India: The geographical proximity to India is another reason why students prefer Bangladesh. It not only reduces travel time and expenses but also allows for easier familial visits and a sense of closeness to home.

    NEET Counselling 2023 – The Gateway to Your Medical Dreams

    NEET Counselling 2023 plays a crucial role in fulfilling the aspirations of medical aspirants. It is the process through which seats in medical and dental colleges are allotted to students based on their NEET UG scores. Not only does it pertain to colleges within India, but NEET scores are also applicable for pursuing MBBS in reputed institutions abroad, including Bangladesh.

    As the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India, has made NEET mandatory for studying MBBS abroad, the NEET Counselling 2023 provides the perfect platform for students to secure their spots in prestigious universities in Bangladesh.

    The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a significant milestone for every medical aspirant in India. This nationwide exam serves as a uniform platform that standardizes the selection process for medical and dental courses in India and abroad. NEET aims to facilitate an equitable opportunity for students, irrespective of their background.

    NEET 2023, like every subsequent iteration of the exam, is expected to come with certain changes. While the core structure of the exam — the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology sections — will remain unchanged, modifications may occur concerning the examination pattern, application process, or eligibility criteria based on the governing body’s decisions. Any changes will be announced well before the examination, allowing aspirants ample time to adapt their preparation strategy.

    Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students to Study MBBS in Bangladesh

    Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is a viable option for Indian students due to the high quality of education, affordable tuition fees, and cultural similarity. However, there are specific eligibility criteria set by the Medical Council of India (MCI) that students must fulfill. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, these include:

    1. The student must be at least 17 years old as of December 31st of the year of admission.
    2. The student must have passed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, and have scored at least 50% in aggregate (for general category) and 40% (for reserved categories).
    3. The student must qualify for the NEET exam.

    It’s always advisable for students to check the most current eligibility criteria as these can change based on decisions made by the regulatory authorities.

    A Walkthrough of the NEET Counselling Process

    NEET Counselling 2023 will involve a series of steps:

    1. Registration: Students need to register online using their NEET Roll number and create a password.
    2. Choice Filling and Locking: Students can choose their preferred colleges and courses.
    3. Seat Allotment: This is done based on the availability, NEET rank, and student’s preferences.
    4. Result Declaration: Students can download their allotment letter if they have been allocated a seat.
    5. Reporting to the Allotted College: Finally, students need to report to their allotted colleges within a stipulated time frame.

    Get admission to top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

    1. Army Medical College, Bogura
    2. Army Medical College, Jashore
    3. Sylhet Womens Medical College
    4. IBN SINA Medical College
    5. Popular Medical College
    6. Marks Medical College
    7. Brahmanbaria Medical College
    8.Holy Family Medical College

    1. Army Medical College, Bogura

    Army Medical College in Bogura is part of the distinguished tradition of army-run educational institutions in Bangladesh. Known for its disciplined academic environment and excellent teaching standards, the college cultivates not only medical knowledge but also life skills in students. The combination of state-of-the-art facilities and an experienced faculty ensures that the students are well-prepared for their future medical careers.

    2. Army Medical College, Jashore

    Army Medical College in Jashore offers an unrivaled blend of academic excellence and character development. As another sterling addition to the army’s education initiative, the college is known for its strong emphasis on discipline, professionalism, and skill-based learning. It boasts a team of dedicated teachers and modern infrastructure that together foster a conducive learning environment for aspiring medical professionals.

    3. Sylhet Women’s Medical College

    Sylhet Women’s Medical College, located in the vibrant city of Sylhet, has been a preferred choice for many female medical aspirants. The institution stands out with its dedicated faculty, modern facilities, and a strong commitment to women’s education and empowerment. Its attached hospital offers a broad spectrum of healthcare services, providing students with rich clinical exposure.

    4. IBN SINA Medical College

    IBN SINA Medical College in Dhaka is known for its high academic standards and student-centric approach. The college has an impressive track record in medical education, underpinned by its experienced faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and an inclusive learning environment. The college’s hospital provides a wide array of services, offering students hands-on experience in various medical specialties.

    5. Popular Medical College

    Popular Medical College in Dhaka is renowned for its academic excellence and holistic educational approach. This institution is committed to nurturing medical professionals equipped with the latest medical knowledge and practical skills. The attached hospital serves a diverse patient population, allowing students to gain in-depth experience in managing a range of medical conditions.

    6. Marks Medical College

    Marks Medical College in Dhaka emphasizes the perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in its curriculum. Known for its comprehensive academic program and experienced faculty, the college offers an environment that encourages academic excellence and personal growth. The college’s hospital is equipped with advanced medical technology, providing students with real-world clinical exposure.

    7. Brahmanbaria Medical College

    Located in Brahmanbaria, this medical college has quickly emerged as a prominent center for medical education in Bangladesh. With a strong faculty team and top-tier facilities, Brahmanbaria Medical College promotes a culture of academic excellence and practical learning. Its attached hospital serves a wide community, giving students valuable insights into patient care.

    8. Holy Family Medical College

    Holy Family Medical College in Dhaka is one of the oldest medical institutions in Bangladesh. With a rich history and a strong academic tradition, the college provides a robust learning platform for future doctors. Its attached hospital, Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College Hospital, is a significant healthcare provider in the country, offering students diverse and intensive clinical experience.

    Each of these colleges brings unique qualities and opportunities to the table. They all share a commitment to equipping students with the necessary medical knowledge, practical skills, and ethical grounding to excel in their future medical careers.

    Fortune Education: Your Reliable Partner for MBBS in Bangladesh

    When it comes to securing an MBBS seat in Bangladesh, Fortune Education stands as a reliable and experienced guide. For over two decades, they have been assisting medical aspirants to study in Bangladesh’s top institutions. They provide complete assistance, from NEET Counselling guidance to admission and visa processing, making the transition smoother for students.

    Fortune Education has an in-depth understanding of the NEET Counselling process and can provide personalized guidance to students, increasing their chances of securing a seat in their preferred college. Their competent team stays updated with the latest changes in NEET Counselling norms and procedures, ensuring students don’t miss out on crucial details.

    Besides, Fortune Education offers extensive pre-departure orientations and post-admission support, addressing the challenges faced by students while studying abroad. Their collaboration with prestigious Bangladeshi medical colleges allows students to gain a seamless admission experience.

    Fortune Education has made a name for itself as a reliable consultancy for students aspiring to study MBBS in Bangladesh. Their services are comprehensive, ensuring students have support at every stage of their admission journey.

    1. Counselling Services: Fortune Education provides personalized counselling to help students understand the process of pursuing an MBBS degree in Bangladesh.
    2. Admission Guidance: They assist in the entire admission process, including filling out application forms, collecting necessary documents, and submitting them on time.
    3. Visa Assistance: Fortune Education also helps in visa processing, making sure students have all required documents for a smooth application process.
    4. Travel Assistance: They offer pre-departure briefings and travel arrangements to ensure students reach their destination safely.
    5. Post-Admission Support: Their services continue even after admission, offering assistance in finding accommodation and addressing any issues that students might face while living abroad.

    Numerous students have pursued their dreams of becoming a doctor through Fortune Education’s guidance. One such story is of Rahul Kumar, a student from Bihar, who dreamt of studying MBBS abroad. However, the process seemed daunting, and the dream unachievable, until he came across Fortune Education.

    With Fortune Education’s guidance, Rahul successfully navigated the application process and secured admission in a prestigious medical college in Bangladesh. Today, he is on his way to completing his MBBS degree and speaks highly of the professionalism and support provided by Fortune Education.

    For any queries related to MBBS fees in Bangladesh, contact Fortune Education, Bangladesh. Mobile & WhatsApp: +91-9903-3-55537, a registered and authorized consultant providing admission guidance and helping students enroll in the best medical colleges. Visit www.fortuneedu.org for more details.


    NEET Counselling 2023 is an instrumental process for students looking forward to studying MBBS in Bangladesh. The overall counselling process might seem overwhelming, but with guidance from reliable consultants like Fortune Education, the journey can become smoother and more manageable. Remember, the key to success lies in meticulous planning, timely application, and strategic selection of preferred colleges. Secure your future with an MBBS degree from Bangladesh and let Fortune Education guide you towards your medical career goals.

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