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    Islami Bank Medical College Admission Procedure

  • Islami Bank Medical College

    Affiliated with Rajshahi Medical University, First Private Medical College in Rajshahi Division. Complete Medical College, Modern Largest Green Campus in Mango Garden at Divisional City, In Campus Own Hostel, Largest Hospital & High Patient Flow.

    The academic activities of Islami Bank Medical College commenced through the admission of fifty students within the 2003-04 school term . The admission is predicated on merit keeping in conformity with Government Order published and adopted by Islami Bank Medical College Academic

    Islami Bank Medical College

    Council and administration .


    Islami Bank Medical College is established with a view to training the specially selected high-quality medical candidates to be called ‘Medical students’ for five academic years.

    they’re going to follow the medical course consistent with the syllabus laid down by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) formulated for MBBS & BDS degree. The degree thus

    is conferred by the University of Dhaka are going to be recognized through registration by Islami Bank Medical College. Islami Bank Medical College (IBMC) is committed to making a cadre of high-quality doctors both by medical knowledge and high moral values, dedicated to suffering humans physically and psychologically within the nation et al. across geographical boundaries.


    1.The objectives of Islami Bank Medical College are 1. to show that we the human species “are Ashraful maks-lu-kat” created to measure within the community with harmony and for every other with tender caring.

    2. to show biochemical sciences traditionally required for the medical graduate to satisfy the responsibilities of providing also as curative health care to the people of Bangladesh.

    3. to supply religiously well disciplined, self-motivated, and dedicated doctors imbued with the spirit of devotion to the response to human, duty, kindness, tolerance, patience, and compassion.

    4. To instill a good knowledge of the social and financial condition of Bangladesh with a view to imbuing in them the assumption , values, and concepts of the state .

    5. To inspire the event of essential characters qualities, the strong sense of righteousness, and basic desire to serve the suffering humanities reception and also abroad.


    The capabilities of the school are as under 1. Presently the school is training 100 MBBS & 20 BDS students in each batch. 2. Capable to run 200 students’ academic activities in each batch. 3. Building-up the will amongst the passed out doctors to prosecute further studies resulting in specialization. in future.


    Islami Bank Medical College is found at Airport Road, Nawdapara, Sopura, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. The 7 storied academic building is housing all the departments along side 650 beds academic hospital.

    Admission into the MBBS Course:

    There is accommodation for 85 students in each school term . Admission are going to be on the idea of the merit of the scholars and therefore the criteria as prescribed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and BM&DC.

    Application For Admission:

    Applications are to be made within the prescribed form which may be obtained from the school office and as mentioned places within the advertisement on payment of Tk 1,000/- (One thousand) non-refundable. Payment is to be made by pay order or banker’s draft in favor of Islami Bank Medical College, Rajshahi.

    Courses Expenses:

    The information associated with total course expenses are going to be notified within the college bulletin board during the publication of the ultimate result. the schooling fee could also be paid monthly. Students who fail to pass their final professional examination in five years’ time will need to pay the prescribed tuition fees for the amount beyond five years. The expenses rates are, however, subject to vary from time to time. The entrance fee is to be paid by Bank draft/Pay order in favor of Islami Bank Medical College, Rajshahi.


    Location and Campus 

    Situated in the vibrant city of Rajshahi, IBMC offers a serene and conducive environment for learning. The college campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped lecture halls, modern laboratories, a well-stocked library, and spacious hostels for students. The campus is surrounded by lush greenery, providing a peaceful atmosphere for academic pursuits.

    Student Life at IBMC 

    At IBMC, we believe in holistic development and ensure that students have a fulfilling college experience. The college encourages extracurricular activities and provides opportunities for students to participate in various clubs, sports, cultural events, and community service. Students can engage in academic conferences, seminars, and workshops to enhance their knowledge and skills. IBMC also fosters a supportive and inclusive environment, promoting cultural diversity and camaraderie among students.

    Facilities and Infrastructure 

    IBMC offers world-class facilities to facilitate a comprehensive medical education. The college is equipped with advanced laboratories, including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, microbiology, and other specialized labs. The library is well-stocked with a vast collection of medical books, journals, and online resources. The campus provides a comfortable and secure environment with separate hostels for male and female students. Additionally, IBMC has a well-equipped gymnasium, sports grounds, and recreational areas to ensure students’ overall well-being.

    Fees Structure and Financial Assistance 

    IBMC offers a reasonable and competitive fee structure for the MBBS program. Detailed information about the fees can be obtained from the college’s official website or by contacting their admission office. Furthermore, IBMC understands the financial challenges some students may face and provides scholarships and financial assistance programs based on merit and need. Students can explore these opportunities to make their medical education more affordable.


    Embark on a rewarding journey towards a successful medical career by choosing Islami Bank Medical College in Bangladesh. In collaboration with Fortune Education, we make the admission process smooth and convenient for aspiring medical students. Explore the comprehensive facilities, nurturing environment, and quality education at IBMC. Visit www.fortuneedu.org to discover how we can assist you in realizing your

    Procedures For Admission (for foreign students for the session 2023-24)

    1.A limited number of seats are going to be offered for foreign nationals. The interested applicants must fulfill the subsequent criteria for eligibility for admission. 1. Applicants must have passed qualifying examination i.e. 12th grade (10+2=12 years) of schooling at a Public School/Board/College or passed an examination in any foreign country which recognizes Higher Secondary Certificate Examination(SSC).

    2. Applicants must have passed Higher Secondary Certificate Examination or equivalent examinations with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as their major/compulsory subjects.

    3. Applicants must have obtained a minimum of 75% marks in average (which is like GPA 4.0 or equivalent grade in lyceum Certificate and better lyceum Certificate examinations or in equivalent examinations (i.e. equivalent grade in A-level or O-level examination ) and will have a minimum of 65% marks separately in either of those examinations (i.e. GPA 3.50 or equivalent grade).

    within the case of O-level examination, marks, grades of only six subjects (top 6 subjects on the idea of marks/grades obtained) are going to be considered. within the case of the A-level examination, marks/grades of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are going to be considered for evaluation.

    4. Applications should be submitted within the prescribed form (to be available from). Attested copies of certificates and marks sheets etc. need to be furnished along side the appliance . All certificates and marks sheets must be attested by the Ministry of application. 5. Successful applications would require the assembly of all original academic certificates and mark sheets during admission.

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    Head Office:

    23/C, Zigatola, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Mobile & WhatsApp: +88-01995529533

    Offices in India: Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Jammu & Kashmir

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