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  • Only 45 varsities permitted to teach MBBS in English in China: Beijing

    China has clarified that apart from the 45 listed universities, foreign students will be taught medicine in Chinese; Indian students should be ready to learn Chinese while studying medicine, and receive their degree in Chinese – and not in English.

    Only 45 universities in China are qualified to teach MBBS degrees in English and are authorised to admit foreign students including those from India, the Chinese ministry of education (MoE) has said, warning that teaching MBBS courses under a bilingual curriculum in English and Chinese is “strictly prohibited”.

    The MoE statement comes ahead of the 2019 admission season when thousands of Indians students are expected to apply to medical colleges across China.

    “Schools not listed (in the list of 45 universities) shall not recruit undergraduate students majoring in clinical medicine (teaching in English) to come to China, but only undergraduate students majoring in clinical medicine taught in Chinese,” the MoE statement said.

    It added: “…the training standards (studying outside the list of 45 universities) shall not be lower than the standard for those of undergraduate students majoring in clinical medicine in China. ‘Bilingual Teaching’ teaching mode to recruit foreign students in MBBS is strictly prohibited,” the MoE statement said.

    The list of the universities can be seen at the MoE website in English. It is also listed below.

    What the statement means is that outside of the 45 universities, foreign students will be taught medicine in Chinese; Indian students should be ready to learn Chinese while studying medicine, and receive their degree in Chinese – and not in English.

    In 2018, the number of Indian students studying medicine in China had crossed 21,000-mark, the highest for India since China allowed foreign students to study the subject here in 2003.

    The number of Indian medical students has been rising rapidly in China in the last couple of years: More than 7,000 Indians have been rushing to China annually to study medicine since 2016.

    HT, however, has learned that more than 8,000 Indian medical students are currently enrolled in some 216 universities in China that are not – under MoE regulations – authorised to hand out MBBS degrees in English.

    Instead, they could even end-up receiving a degree in traditional Chinese medicine or TCM at the end of their five-to-six year course.

    Over the years, there have been several cases in which students from India have been misled into believing that they will get MBBS degrees in English from these 200-plus universities.

    Many Indian students – outside the 45 universities – end up holding a TCM degree, which would not have given them any clinical exposure and little knowledge of modern medicine.

    A major reason for Indian students flocking to China to study medicine is that it costs less to get a degree in medicine here than in India.

    It usually costs between Rs 3 lakh and Rs 5 lakh annually in the listed 45 universities; in the remaining 216 universities, the rates are cheaper at Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh every year.

    The Indian embassy said in a statement on Monday that it has been receiving queries from “…prospective Indian students and their parents with respect to studying MBBS in China and colleges in China which are authorised to impart MBBS courses to foreign students”.

    “Prospective students are advised to note carefully that only these 45 Chinese Universities are authorised to admit international students for an MBBS degree in English,” the statement added.

    Here’s the full list:

    University: (no of international students)

    Jilin University: 62 (school year 2018-2019 was 100, 38 fewer)

    Chinese Medical University: 100

    Dalian Medical University: 100

    Capital Medical University: 100

    Tianjin Medical University: 100

    Shandong University: 78 (school year 2018-2019 100, 22 fewer)

    Fudan University: 100

    Xinjiang Medical University: 100

    Nanjing Medical University: 100

    Jiangsu University: 100

    Wenzhou Medical University: 100

    Wenzhou Medical University (Overseas Schools): 50

    Zhejiang University: 100

    Wuhan University: 100

    Huazhong University of Science and Technology: 100

    Xi’an Jiaotong University: 100

    Southern Medical University: 100

    Jinan University: 100

    Guangxi Medical University: 100

    Sichuan University: 100

    Chongqing Medical University: 100

    Harbin Medical University: 60

    Beihua University: 40

    Jinzhou Medical University: 60

    Qingdao University: 60

    Hebei Medical University: 60

    Ningxia Medical University: 60

    Tongji University: 60

    Shihezi University: 60

    Southeast University: 60

    Yangzhou University: 60

    Nantong University: 60

    Suzhou University: 60

    Ningbo University: 60

    Fujian Medical University: 60

    Anhui Medical University: 60

    Xuzhou Medical College: 60

    Three Gorges University: 20

    Zhengzhou University: 60

    Guangzhou Medical University: 60

    Sun Yat-sen University: 60

    Shantou University: 20 (school year 2018-2019 was 60, 40 fewer)

    Kunming Medical University: 60

    North Sichuan Medical College: 40

    Southwest Medical University: 60

    Xiamen University: 60

    Source: hindustantimes.com

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