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    Direct Spot MBBS/BDS Admission in Bangladesh 2018-19

    Join “A” Class Top Reputed MCI & BMDC Recognized Medical College With Scholarship/Waiver. Fortune Education, Authorized Consultants of Medical Colleges in BD

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    Why study MBBS in Bangladesh

    When students cannot get their seats in Govt. colleges, they go to private medical colleges. But private colleges have an excessive demand of donation and Govt. colleges have acute shortage of seats. So deserved students can’t get the admission though having a good result.

    So, as a result, many of them drop their dream to be a doctor and switch to some alternative career. In this way, many students lose their way in life and get stuck into an undesirable profession.

    But the question is, “Is there any solution to this problem?”

    Well the answer is “Yes”.

    There is hope for all. At recent times, it is seen that there is an urge among students to study abroad. As there is acute shortage of chance in our country, many students set out for some foreign country. Bangladesh is an emerging name among all the countries.

    Bangladesh offers the MBBS course at alow cost for the willing students. The course of study is also availed without any donation. Bangladesh has a high standard study course sometimes better than many private colleges in India.


    Is Bangladesh a safe place for the students?

    Yes, it is.

    Bangladesh is a dry country and so it is safe for students as no alcohol or drugs are allowed there.

    For this  Fortune Education & Consultancy brings you the latest information on MBBS admission in Bangladesh. There are many international students looking for their admission in the medical institution of high repute in Bangladesh.

    The cost of living and cost of education in Bangladesh less compared to many reputed medical institutes all across the world. The average cost of study MBBS in Bangladesh ranges between 18 Lakh-INR to 25 Lakh INR including Hostel.

    International students and students from India have shown keen interest in their MBBS admission in Bangladesh. Renowned medical institution have seen queries coming from international students such as;

    Sylhet Women’s Medical College, IBN SINA Medical College, Holy Family Medical Medical College, Bangladesh Medical College, Islami Bank Medical College, Diabetic Association Medical College, International Medical College, Mainamoti Medical College, Ibrahim Medical College, Dhaka National Medical College etc.

    The low cost and efficient, effective medical education of Bangladesh makes it one of the most favored destinations for medical education.

    We’re also aware of people coming from the different economic background, so we offer colleges of all budgets. So, if you are wishing for MBBS degree, make a visit to us, we’re happy to help you.


    Why Study Medicine in Bangladesh through Fortune Education??

    Are you Waiting to prefix ‘Dr.” before your name ??? Fortune Education is your destination for making your dream come true

    Each year more than 7.5 lakh students appear in the NEET Exam while seats are limited to 50,000 or less.

    That means, only 15% of the total medical aspirants achieve their goals.

    But for a will, there is always a way. Here you have Fortune Education, your one-stop destination for study in Bangladesh.

    MBBS in Bangladesh has become more easy and comfortable than ever before You no more need to invest years and lacks on your entrance coaching.

    Instead of huge capitation fees and the year-old infrastructure, you can enjoy world-class education at the most affordable prices, through Fortune education

    Realize your dream of MBBS through Fortune Education, walk in now and enroll.

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