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    Brahmanbaria Medical College

    Brahmanbaria Medical College, Brahmanbaria district. its found within the eastern part of Bangladesh. Once the region was a neighborhood of Samatat state. Later it had been included within the Tripura district in 1970. the primary and temporary capital of Isa Khan was at Sarail, 10 km north of Brahmanbaria Town. Swadeshi movement (1905), Peasant movement (1930) No-rent movement, War of Liberation Movement (1971), etc are the remarkable chapters of the region.

    Brahmanbaria was promoted as a municipality in 1869. After the liberation of Bangladesh, Brahmanbaria was declared as a neighborhood on 15 February 1984.

    Brahmanbaria Medical College

    Welcome to Brahmanbaria Medical College, a prestigious institution committed to excellence in medical education and healthcare. Situated in the heart of Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh, our college has been providing high-quality medical education for aspiring students since its establishment.

    At Brahmanbaria Medical College, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive and well-rounded medical curriculum that equips our students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to become competent and compassionate healthcare professionals. Our dedicated faculty members, who are experts in their respective fields, provide a nurturing learning environment that encourages academic excellence and personal growth.

    MBBS in Bangladesh

    Key Features of Brahmanbaria Medical College

    1. State-of-the-art Facilities: Our college boasts modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, and a well-stocked library. We also have advanced medical and surgical simulation labs that provide hands-on training to students.
    2. Experienced Faculty: We have a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are passionate about teaching and mentoring students. They ensure that students receive the best possible education and guidance throughout their academic journey.
    3. Clinical Training: Brahmanbaria Medical College has affiliations with reputed hospitals and healthcare centers, providing students with extensive clinical exposure and practical training. This enables them to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life patient scenarios and develop essential clinical skills.
    4. Research Opportunities: We encourage research and innovation among our students and faculty members. Our college supports various research activities and provides opportunities for students to participate in research projects, scientific conferences, and publications.
    5. Student Support Services: We understand the importance of holistic development, and our college offers various support services to students. This includes counseling, mentoring, and extracurricular activities to promote personal and professional growth.

    Fortune EducationBrahmanbaria Medical College 2023-24

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    Services Offered by Fortune Education

    1. Study Abroad Consultation: Our experienced education consultants provide personalized guidance and support to students seeking to study abroad. We assist in choosing the right course, university, and country based on the student’s academic background, interests, and career goals.
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    3. Admission Assistance: We streamline the application process and assist students in preparing and submitting their applications to their chosen universities. Our team ensures that all necessary documents are in order and deadlines are met.
    4. Visa Support: Navigating the visa application process can be complex. Fortune Education offers comprehensive guidance on visa requirements, documentation, and interview preparation to increase the chances of a successful visa application.
    5. Test Preparation: We provide expert coaching and resources for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, and TOEFL. Our test preparation programs are designed to enhance students’ skills and maximize their scores.
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    7. Pre-Departure Assistance: Fortune Education offers pre-departure orientations and support services to ensure that students are well-prepared for their journey abroad. We provide guidance on accommodation, travel arrangements, and cultural adaptation.

    At Fortune Education, we are committed to delivering quality services and assisting students at every step of their study abroad journey. Our experienced team strives to make the process smooth, efficient, and stress-free, empowering students to achieve their educational dreams.

    MBBS Course Fees In Bangladesh 2023-24 | Fortune Education

    Brahmanbaria Medical College Payment Instruction: 2023-2024

    Total Fees for MBBS Course (5 years Duration) is USD 38,000

    Contact Fortune Education at +880 1995529533 for Fees Details

    Admission Process Brahmanbaria Medical College

    At the time of admission, all students will need to pay a minimum of 1 (01) year hostel seat rent beforehand if they desire to measure during a hostel. Hostel accommodation fees are equivalent to local students for one year. All students will clear their hostel seat rent before appearing within the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Final professional MBBS examination.

    If they fail within the Final Professional MBBS Examination, they’re going to need to pay US$ 800.00 (Eight hundred US Dollars) for every attempt altogether subjects and US$ 267.00 for every subject. All students will clear their tuition & other fees goodbye they continue their regular courses.

    All students need to pay the other charges which can be imposed by the concerned authority associated with the MBBS course, like RFST, study tour, autopsy visit, etc.

    Army Medical College Jashore

    Army Medical College Jashore, located in Jashore, Bangladesh, is a renowned institution that offers comprehensive medical education and training to aspiring healthcare professionals. Here are some highlights about Army Medical College Jashore:

    1. Established Reputation: Army Medical College Jashore is affiliated with the Bangladesh Army and is known for its high standards of education and training. It has earned a reputation for producing competent and skilled medical professionals.
    2. Rigorous Curriculum: The college offers a rigorous and well-structured curriculum that covers all essential medical subjects. The curriculum is designed to provide a strong foundation in medical sciences, clinical skills, and professional ethics.
    3. Experienced Faculty: The college boasts a dedicated team of experienced faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. They provide quality education, mentorship, and guidance to students throughout their academic journey.
    4. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Army Medical College Jashore is equipped with modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, and simulation centers. These facilities enhance the learning experience and provide practical training opportunities.
    5. Clinical Exposure: The college has affiliations with renowned hospitals and healthcare centers, allowing students to gain hands-on clinical experience. This exposure helps students develop essential clinical skills, interact with patients, and understand real-life medical scenarios.

    Army Medical College Bogura

    Army Medical College Bogura, located in Bogura, Bangladesh, is another esteemed institution dedicated to medical education and training. Here are some highlights about Army Medical College Bogura:

    1. Affiliation with Bangladesh Army: Army Medical College Bogura is affiliated with the Bangladesh Army and follows the high standards set by the military healthcare system. It maintains a strong focus on discipline, professionalism, and ethical values.
    2. Well-Structured Curriculum: The college offers a comprehensive and well-structured curriculum that covers both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to become competent and compassionate healthcare professionals.
    3. Skilled Faculty: Army Medical College Bogura has a highly qualified and experienced faculty that is committed to delivering quality education. The faculty members employ innovative teaching methods to engage students and ensure a conducive learning environment.
    4. Clinical Training: The college provides extensive clinical training opportunities to students through affiliations with reputable hospitals and medical institutions. This allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-life medical settings and develop critical clinical skills.
    5. Research and Innovation: Army Medical College Bogura encourages research and innovation among its students and faculty. It provides support for research activities, promotes scientific inquiry, and facilitates participation in national and international conferences.

    Both Army Medical College Jashore and Army Medical College Bogura offer excellent medical education, state-of-the-art facilities, and a nurturing learning environment. They aim to produce competent healthcare professionals who can contribute effectively to the healthcare sector in Bangladesh and beyond.

    Online Direct MBBS Admission

    Fortune Education facilitates the online admission process for aspiring students who wish to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh

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