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    Sylhet Women’s Medical College Hospital (SWMCH) is a distinguished institution offering an excellent educational environment for female students aspiring to pursue an MBBS degree in Bangladesh. The college was established in 2005 with a vision to provide quality education and develop women’s contributions in the health sector. Over the years, SWMCH has gained a reputation for its high-quality education, superior infrastructure, and experienced faculty.

    What Sets SWMCH Apart?

    1. Quality Education: SWMCH follows a rigorous curriculum based on international standards to ensure its students are fully equipped to tackle the challenges of the medical profession.
    2. State-of-the-art Infrastructure: SWMCH offers modern classrooms, fully-equipped laboratories, and a hospital with up-to-date medical equipment, giving students the perfect platform to hone their skills.
    3. Experienced Faculty: The college is blessed with a team of experienced faculty who are not just teachers, but mentors guiding students throughout their educational journey.
    4. Hospital Training: Students get hands-on clinical training at the affiliated hospital, which provides a comprehensive range of medical services.
    5. Hostel Facilities: SWMCH provides secure and comfortable hostel facilities, offering a conducive environment for students to focus on their studies.

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    Sylhet Women's Medical College

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    Fortune Education is a proud authorized consultant for Sylhet Women’s Medical College Hospital. They have been associated with SWMCH for many years, providing aspiring students with accurate information and guidance about the MBBS program at the college.

    When you consult with Fortune Education:

    1. You get detailed and updated information about the admission process, eligibility criteria, fee structure, and course details at

    Destination for MBBS in Bangladesh

    Sylhet Women’s Medical College & Hospital (SWMCH) is an esteemed institution established in 2005. It is committed to providing world-class education to women who aspire to make significant contributions in the medical field. Located in the heart of Sylhet City, SWMCH offers a top-notch academic environment, modern infrastructure, and an affiliated teaching hospital to facilitate practical exposure to its students.

    Why SWMCH?

    • Quality Education: SWMCH abides by an internationally recognized curriculum to ensure that its students receive the best education, making them competent doctors of tomorrow.
    • Experienced Faculty: With a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members, SWMCH offers superior teaching, ensuring comprehensive learning for the students.
    • State-of-the-art Infrastructure: The institution provides cutting-edge technology, well-equipped laboratories, modern classrooms, and a well-stocked library to support students’ educational pursuits.
    • Hospital Training: The affiliated hospital offers students hands-on training, exposing them to diverse medical conditions and honing their practical skills.
    • Accommodation: SWMCH offers secure and comfortable hostel facilities for its students, providing a conducive environment for studying and relaxation.


    Advantages of Consulting with Fortune Education:

    • Precise Information: Get accurate and updated information about the admission process, eligibility criteria, and fee structure at SWMCH.
    • Transparent Process: As an authorized consultant, Fortune Education maintains transparency in all proceedings, from admission to fee payment.
    • End-to-End Guidance: From initial counseling, college selection, admission process, visa application, to accommodation assistance – Fortune Education stands by your side throughout the journey.
    • Experienced Counselors: Fortune Education’s team of experienced counselors offer personalized guidance tailored to your academic profile, personal preferences, and budget.

    Start your journey to becoming a successful doctor with Sylhet Women’s Medical College & Hospital, and let Fortune Education guide you every step of the way. Trust Fortune Education for a seamless and successful admission process to your dream college.

    Sylhet Women’s Medical College may be a private school of medicine in Bangladesh, exclusively for female students, established in 2005. Sylhet Women’s Medical College and Hospital may be a teaching and medical facility with 3 high-rise buildings built on 130,000 square feet of land within the heart of Sylhet.

    Sylhet Women’s Medical College, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology under the varsity of Medical, First Private Women’s Medical College in Sylhet & Chittagong Division. Best Medical College, Modern Green Campus Heart of Sylhet Divisional City, In Campus Own Hostel & Library, Largest Hospital High Patient Flow.

    Sylhet may be a metropolitan city in northeastern Bangladesh. the town is found on the proper bank of the Surma River in northeastern Bengal. the town located is 199 kilometers faraway from Dhaka. the town features a population of quite half 1,000,000 . Sylhet has played an important role within the Bangladeshi economy. it’s one among Bangladesh’s most vital spiritual and cultural centers.

    MBBS in Bangladesh MBBS in Bangladesh

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    The 14th century marked the start of Islamic influence in Sylhet. Sylhet is religiously very diverse and is noted for peaceful co-existence, harmony, and mutual respect between its inhabitants of various faiths since past . Sylhet was constituted as a municipality in 1867.

    In 1995, the govt of Bangladesh declared Sylhet because the sixth divisional headquarters of the country. In 2001, the municipality was upgraded to the Sylhet City Corporation and it had been made a metropolitan city in 2009.

    The world covered by Sylhet Division is 12,569 km2, which is about 8% of the entire acreage of Bangladesh. the town is served by the Osmani International Airport, MAG Osmani Medical College, Sylhet women’s medical college, Sylhet agriculture university,

    Shahjalal University of Science & technology, Sylhet international cricket stadium, Sylhet railroad station, Sylhet metropolitan police, administration office, Shahjalal & Shahparan shrine, etc. it’s home to the country’s largest gas fields, the most important tea plantations, and which have many historical & tourist places.

    Sylhet Women’s Medical College has long been related to medical education. it’s a neighborhood of our mission to help within the training and education of superior physicians who will have a broad knowledge of drugs , excellent technical skills, and mature, informed judgment.

    Students Selection

    Possibility for affirmation is chosen through a confirmation test led by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) Bangladesh. Notice for confirmation of understudies into the first-year class is publicized within the day-by-day daily papers and site. A determination is formed supported the legitimacy score/position of affirmation test which is directed by DGHS.

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    Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

    Unleashing Excellence in Medical Education.

    Comprehensive Guide to Pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh is becoming an increasingly popular choice for students seeking high-quality yet affordable MBBS education. Let’s delve deeper into the cost, ranking, and other aspects of studying MBBS in Bangladesh, particularly focusing on the year 2023-24.

    Course and Curriculum:

    The course and curriculum for five academic years are going to be an equivalent year published by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council and approved by the school of drugs of the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet.

    MBBS in Bangladesh

    Pursuing an MBBS degree in Bangladesh has become an attractive option for many students, particularly those from neighboring countries like India, Nepal, Bhutan, and even further afield. Bangladesh offers a high standard of medical education, recognized by major international bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Medical Council of India (MCI), and others. The country’s medical colleges, including both government and private institutions, are known for their quality education, experienced faculty, and affordable tuition fees compared to many other countries.

    Why Choose Bangladesh for MBBS?

    1. Quality of Education: Medical colleges in Bangladesh follow an MBBS curriculum that is similar to that of India and other Commonwealth countries, ensuring a comprehensive and rigorous medical education.
    2. Affordable Tuition Fees: Compared to medical colleges in the USA, UK, Australia, and even India, Bangladesh offers a more affordable option without compromising the quality of education.
    3. Medium of Instruction: The medium of instruction is English, making it easier for international students to adapt and learn effectively.
    4. Cultural Similarity: For students from India and other neighboring countries, the cultural and food habits are quite similar, making it easier for them to adjust.
    5. Clinical Exposure: Students gain practical experience and clinical exposure through internships in attached hospitals.
    6. Recognition: Graduates from Bangladeshi medical colleges are eligible to appear for major licensing exams, including the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination), PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) in the UK, and the MCI Screening Test in India.

    Admission Process for MBBS in Bangladesh

    1. Eligibility Criteria:
      • The applicant should have completed 12 years of schooling with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as major subjects.
      • Applicants must have a minimum aggregate GPA (usually a GPA of 7.0 combined in SSC/O Level and HSC/A Level or equivalent, with a minimum GPA in biology).
      • Age limit usually applies, with candidates needing to be within a certain age range as of a specified date.
    2. Application Process:
      • Interested candidates need to apply directly to the college or through authorized representatives.
      • Some colleges require candidates to appear for an entrance examination, while others may select students based on their 12th-grade marks and NEET (for Indian students) or equivalent examination scores.
    3. Documentation:
      • Mark sheets and certificates of 10th and 12th grades.
      • Passport-size photographs.
      • Passport copy for international students.
      • NEET scorecard (for Indian students), if applicable.
    4. Visa Process:
      • Once admitted, students will need to apply for a student visa, submitting the admission letter from the college along with other required documents to the Bangladesh embassy or consulate in their country.
    5. Medical and Health Checkup:
      • Candidates may be required to undergo a medical checkup to ensure they are fit to pursue medical education.

    Top Medical Colleges for MBBS in Bangladesh

    • Government Medical Colleges: Dhaka Medical College, Sir Salimullah Medical College, and Chittagong Medical College, among others.
    • Private Medical Colleges: Bangladesh Medical College, East West Medical College, and North South University, to name a few.
    • Women’s Medical Colleges: There are also exclusive institutions for female students, such as Sylhet Women’s Medical College, which offer a supportive environment for women pursuing medical careers.

    MBBS in Bangladesh presents a viable and attractive option for students looking to pursue a career in medicine. With its affordable tuition fees, quality education, and cultural familiarity, Bangladesh has established itself as a preferred destination for medical students from around the world. Prospective students are advised to conduct thorough research and adhere to the admission timelines and requirements to secure their place in one of Bangladesh’s esteemed medical colleges.


    Foreign students looking to pursue an MBBS degree in Bangladesh can navigate the admission process through educational consultants like Fortune Education, which specializes in facilitating medical college admissions in Bangladesh for international students. Here’s a general overview of how the admission procedure typically unfolds through such consultants:

    Research and Selecting Colleges

    • Initial Consultation: Begin by contacting Fortune Education for an initial consultation. This step involves discussing your preferences, academic background, and career goals.
    • College Selection: Fortune Education can provide detailed information about various medical colleges in Bangladesh, including their rankings, facilities, fees, and the overall environment. Based on this information, you can select the colleges you wish to apply to.

    Understanding Eligibility and Requirements

    • Eligibility Criteria: Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for international students as set by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) and the respective colleges. This typically includes having completed 12 years of schooling with requisite marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
    • Documentation: Fortune Education will inform you about all the necessary documents required for the application. These usually include academic transcripts, certificates, passport-size photographs, a copy of your passport, and a medical certificate.

    Application Process

    • Application Form: Fill out the application forms for the selected colleges with the assistance of Fortune Education. They will guide you through the process, ensuring all information is accurately provided.
    • Submission of Documents: Submit all required documents through Fortune Education. They will verify the documents before forwarding them to the respective colleges.

    Admission Letter and Confirmation

    • Receiving Admission Letter: Once your application is accepted, you will receive an admission letter from the college. Fortune Education will assist in explaining the terms of the admission letter and what steps to follow next.
    • Confirmation of Admission: To confirm your admission, you may be required to pay a portion of the tuition fees or make a deposit. Fortune Education can guide you through the payment process, ensuring secure transactions.

    Visa Application

    • Visa Documentation: Fortune Education will provide a list of documents required for the student visa application and assist in preparing the visa application file.
    • Visa Application: Apply for a student visa at the Bangladesh Embassy or Consulate in your country. Fortune Education can offer advice and support throughout the visa application process.

    Pre-departure Briefing and Travel Arrangements

    • Pre-departure Briefing: Fortune Education may offer pre-departure briefings to help you understand what to expect in Bangladesh, including information about the culture, weather, and tips for living and studying in Bangladesh.
    • Travel Arrangements: They can also assist in making travel arrangements, including booking flights and ensuring you know how to reach your college upon arrival in Bangladesh.

    Arrival and Accommodation

    • Arrival in Bangladesh: Fortune Education might offer assistance in airport pickup and transportation to your college or accommodation.
    • Accommodation: They can help in finding suitable accommodation, whether on-campus or off-campus, based on your preferences and budget.

    Important Considerations

    • Verification: Always verify the authenticity and accreditation of the consultant. Fortune Education should be recognized and authorized by the colleges they represent.
    • Fees and Expenses: Be clear about all the fees and expenses involved, including consultancy fees, college tuition fees, accommodation costs, and any other expenses.

    Fortune Education

    The process of applying for an MBBS program in Bangladesh as a foreign student can be streamlined with the help of experienced educational consultants like Fortune Education. Their expertise and support can simplify the complexities of international admissions, visa applications, and travel arrangements, making the transition smoother for students aiming to pursue medical education in Bangladesh.

    Army Medical Colleges Bangladesh-Fortune Education 2025

    Why Army Medical Colleges are the Best for Female Students?

    Army Medical Colleges provide the ideal environment for female students, offering safety, quality education, and holistic development.

    Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

    Choosing the right medical college is a crucial decision for aspiring female doctors. Army Medical Colleges stand out as an excellent choice, providing a secure, disciplined, and supportive environment that caters specifically to the needs of female students. This article explores the various reasons why Army Medical Colleges are the best option for female students pursuing a career in medicine.

    1. Safety and Security

    One of the primary concerns for female students and their families is safety. Army Medical Colleges offer a highly secure campus environment, with round-the-clock security personnel and stringent safety protocols. The disciplined nature of these institutions ensures that female students can focus on their studies without worrying about their personal safety.

    2. High-Quality Education

    Army Medical Colleges are renowned for their high standards of education. These institutions are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and a rigorous curriculum that meets international standards. Female students receive top-notch medical training that prepares them for successful careers in healthcare.

    3. Holistic Development

    Army Medical Colleges emphasize holistic development, ensuring that students grow academically, physically, and emotionally. Female students benefit from a well-rounded education that includes extracurricular activities, physical training, and leadership development programs. This comprehensive approach helps in building confidence and resilience.

    4. Discipline and Structure

    The disciplined environment of Army Medical Colleges instills a strong sense of responsibility and time management in students. Female students, in particular, thrive in such structured settings where they can focus on their goals with minimal distractions. The discipline also fosters a sense of community and mutual respect among students.

    5. Equal Opportunities

    Army Medical Colleges are committed to providing equal opportunities for all students. Female students have access to the same resources, opportunities, and support as their male counterparts. This inclusive environment promotes gender equality and empowers female students to excel in their chosen fields.

    6. Mentorship and Support

    Female students at Army Medical Colleges benefit from a strong support system, including mentorship from experienced faculty members and senior students. This guidance is crucial in navigating the challenges of medical education and developing a successful career path.

    7. Networking and Career Opportunities

    Graduates of Army Medical Colleges have access to a vast network of alumni and professionals in the healthcare sector. Female students can leverage these connections for career opportunities, internships, and professional development. The prestige associated with Army Medical Colleges also enhances their employability in both national and international healthcare settings.

    8. Focus on Character Building

    Army Medical Colleges place a significant emphasis on character building, instilling values such as integrity, honor, and compassion. Female students develop a strong moral compass, which is essential for their personal and professional lives. This focus on ethical values ensures that they become not only skilled doctors but also responsible citizens.

    9. Financial Support and Scholarships

    Many Army Medical Colleges offer scholarships and financial aid to deserving students. Female students, in particular, can benefit from these opportunities, making medical education more accessible and affordable. This financial support helps in reducing the burden of educational expenses and allows students to focus on their studies.

    10. Alumni Success Stories

    The success stories of female alumni from Army Medical Colleges serve as an inspiration for current and prospective students. These accomplished professionals exemplify the potential and opportunities available to female students in these institutions. Their achievements highlight the quality education and support provided by Army Medical Colleges.


    Army Medical Colleges provide a secure, supportive, and enriching environment for female students. The combination of high-quality education, holistic development, and strong support systems makes these institutions the best choice for aspiring female doctors. By choosing Army Medical Colleges, female students can confidently pursue their medical careers and achieve their full potential.

    IBN SINA MEDICAL COLLEGE is now able to receive foreign students for the MBBS course. Foreign students need to apply consistent with rules and thru the embassy of the respective country. Students will need to collect equivalence certificates of S.S.C. (Class X) and H.S.C. (Class XII) from the Director General of Health Services, Governments of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

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