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    Army Medical College Chittagong

    Army Medical College Chittagong (AMCC) stands as a beacon of excellence in medical education within the picturesque landscape of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Affiliated with Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) and under the auspices of the Bangladesh Armed Forces, AMCC epitomizes the pinnacle of medical training, discipline, and academic rigor. This institution is not just a college; it’s a cradle for future healthcare leaders, offering a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree that is recognized both nationally and internationally.

    Why Choose Army Medical College Chittagong?

    Global Recognition and Accreditation: An MBBS degree from AMCC is a passport to the world. Accredited by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) and recognized by leading international medical boards, our graduates are eligible to sit for global licensing exams, including USMLE, PLAB, and others.

    State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: AMCC boasts modern classrooms, cutting-edge laboratories, and an expansive digital library. Our facilities are designed to support a conducive learning environment that fosters innovation, research, and practical skills development.

    Experienced Faculty: Our faculty members are not just educators; they are esteemed professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to the classroom. They are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of medical professionals with a commitment to excellence and ethical practice.

    Comprehensive Clinical Training: Hands-on clinical training is the cornerstone of our MBBS program. Students gain invaluable experience at affiliated hospitals, dealing with a wide spectrum of medical cases under the guidance of seasoned practitioners.

    Disciplined and Holistic Education: AMCC provides an education that transcends traditional learning. We instill discipline, leadership, and ethical values, preparing our students for the challenges of the medical profession and leadership roles in healthcare.

    A Diverse and Inclusive Community: Our campus is a melting pot of cultures and ideas, with students from various backgrounds coming together in pursuit of a common goal. We celebrate diversity and promote a culture of inclusivity and mutual respect.

    Affordable Quality Education: We believe that financial constraints should not hinder talent. AMCC offers a competitive fee structure compared to international standards, making high-quality medical education accessible.

    Program Highlights:

    MBBS Program: Our 5-year MBBS program, followed by a 1-year internship, is meticulously structured to cover all aspects of medical sciences and clinical skills. The curriculum is regularly updated to include the latest advancements in medical research and technology.

    Research Opportunities: Students are encouraged to engage in research activities, contributing to medical science and innovation. AMCC provides the support and resources needed for research projects and presentations at national and international forums.

    Community Engagement: Our commitment extends beyond the campus. AMCC students participate in community health camps, awareness programs, and volunteer services, applying their skills for the betterment of society.

    Career and Postgraduate Opportunities: Graduates of AMCC are highly sought after, with opportunities spanning across public and private sectors, both domestically and internationally. We also guide our alumni on pathways to postgraduate studies and specialization.

    Admission Process:

    Admission to AMCC is competitive, focusing on academic excellence, physical fitness, and the potential to thrive in a disciplined environment. Prospective students must pass an entrance examination, followed by medical and physical fitness assessments. International applicants can avail themselves of dedicated support through the application and visa process, ensuring a smooth transition to life in Chittagong.

    Life at AMCC:

    Life at AMCC is a blend of rigorous academic schedules, enriching extracurricular activities, and community service. Our campus offers a vibrant student life with sports, cultural events, and clubs, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among students.

    Join Army Medical College Chittagong:

    Choosing AMCC for your MBBS degree means choosing a path of excellence, discipline, and service. Here, you’ll not just earn a degree; you’ll embark on a transformative journey that prepares you for the challenges and opportunities of the medical profession.

    For more information on admissions, programs, and life at Army Medical College Chittagong, visit our website or contact our admissions office. Your journey to becoming a world-class medical professional starts here, at AMCC – where education meets excellence and tradition meets innovation.

    MBBS in Bangladesh


    Embarking on the journey to becoming a doctor is both a prestigious and ambitious endeavor. For international students, Bangladesh has emerged as an enticing destination for pursuing an MBBS degree, offering a blend of quality education, affordable fees, and globally recognized qualifications. Here’s a comprehensive overview of why Bangladesh is becoming a preferred choice for medical aspirants worldwide.

    MBBS Fees in Bangladesh for Foreign Students

    One of the most compelling reasons to choose Bangladesh for medical studies is its affordability. Compared to medical colleges in other countries, Bangladesh offers significantly lower tuition fees without compromising the quality of education. The total cost for the entire MBBS program, including tuition, accommodation, and living expenses, is often more economical, making it an attractive option for international students.

    Direct MBBS Admission in Bangladesh for International Students

    Bangladesh offers a streamlined admission process for foreign students, facilitating direct entry into MBBS programs without the need for entrance exams in some cases. This direct admission process is handled through a transparent and merit-based selection, ensuring that eligible students can secure their seats without unnecessary hurdles.

    Best MBBS Colleges in Bangladesh for International Students

    Bangladesh is home to several top-ranking medical colleges that are recognized both nationally and internationally. These institutions are known for their excellent academic curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, and highly qualified faculty. Colleges such as Dhaka Medical College, Chittagong Medical College, and Army Medical College Chittagong, among others, stand out for their commitment to producing competent and ethical medical professionals.

    MBBS Program Details in Bangladesh for Foreign Students

    The MBBS program in Bangladesh spans five years, followed by a mandatory one-year internship in a hospital. The curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of medical sciences, combining theoretical knowledge with practical clinical skills. English is the medium of instruction, ensuring that international students can follow the course content without language barriers.

    Eligibility for MBBS in Bangladesh for International Students

    The eligibility criteria for international students include having completed 12 years of schooling with a background in science, particularly in physics, chemistry, and biology. Applicants must also meet the minimum grade requirements set by the respective medical college and provide proof of proficiency in English. Some institutions may also require a valid score from an entrance examination.

    MBBS in Bangladesh Course Duration for Foreign Students

    The MBBS course in Bangladesh is structured over a period of five years of academic education, followed by a one-year internship in a hospital. This internship is crucial as it offers hands-on experience in various medical fields, preparing students for their medical careers.

    Why Study MBBS in Bangladesh for International Students

    Global Recognition: Degrees from Bangladeshi medical colleges are recognized by the WHO, MCI, and other international medical councils, enabling graduates to practice medicine globally.

    High Standards of Education: Medical colleges in Bangladesh maintain high educational standards, with a curriculum that is continually updated to reflect the latest in medical science and research.

    Affordable Costs: The cost-effectiveness of studying MBBS in Bangladesh is a major draw for international students, allowing them to receive quality medical education without financial strain.

    Cultural Diversity: Bangladesh welcomes students from various countries, offering a multicultural environment that enriches the student experience.

    Clinical Exposure: Students gain extensive clinical exposure in affiliated hospitals, enhancing their practical skills and preparing them for real-world medical challenges.


    For international students, pursuing an MBBS in Bangladesh represents an excellent opportunity to embark on a rewarding medical career. With affordable fees, direct admission processes, top-notch medical colleges, and a curriculum aligned with global standards, Bangladesh stands out as a premier destination for medical education. The country’s welcoming atmosphere, combined with the chance to study in a diverse and culturally rich environment, makes it an attractive option for aspiring doctors from around the world.

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