MBBS in Bangladesh
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MBBS & BDS Courses

Courses are offered by the recognized Universities & Medical Colleges

Objectives of MBBS Course:

At the end of the MBBS Course students shall:

1. Acquire knowledge and understanding of
a) the sciences upon which Medicine depends and the scientific and experimental
b) the structure, function, and normal growth and development of the human body and
the workings of the mind and their interaction, the factors which may disturb these,
and the disorders of structure and function which may result;
c) the etiology, natural history, and prognosis of the common mental and physical
ailments. Students must have experience of emergencies and a good knowledge of the
common diseases of the community and of aging processes;
d) normal pregnancy and childbirth, the common obstetric emergencies, the principles of

ante-natal and postnatal care, and medical aspects of family planning and psycho-
sexual counseling;

e) the principles of prevention and of therapy, including health education, the
amelioration of suffering and disability, rehabilitation, the maintenance of health in
old age, and the care of the dying;
f) human relationships, both personal and social, and the interaction between man and
his physical, biological, and social environment;
g) the organization and provision of health care in the community and in hospital, the
identification of the need for it, and the economic, ethical, and practical constraints
within which it operates; and
h) the ethical standards and legal responsibilities of the medical profession.

General Objective of BDS Course:

The purpose of the dental education program is to provide the opportunity for the learner to gain scientific
knowledge and clinical skills needed in the practice of the profession, to instill the highest standards of
professional conduct as a way of life and to promote a dedication to continuous, life-long professional study
and improvement.

The courses which are offered in the English medium of instruction are:


2.   Engineering: Electrical, Electronics, Mechatronics, Mechanical, Civil, Architecture, Mining, Geology, Geodesy, Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Biomedical, Telecommunication, Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Business Administration & Economics, Economics Cybernetics

3.   Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace engineering, Aviation Management, Air Navigation.

4.   Engineering(BSC & MSC in Civil, Mechanical, EEE, Aeronautics, Marine, Automobile, Tele Communication, Computer Science, IT, Chemical, Ceramics, Gas & Mining, Textile & Others) or Business Study BBA/MBA/International Business/International Economy & Trade/Marketing

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