MBBS in Bangladesh


MBBS and Medical Admission in Bangladesh 2024-25

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MBBS and Medical  Study in Bangladesh 2024-25

MBBS and Medical  Admission and Fees Structure 2024-25

In the rapidly globalizing world of medical education, Bangladesh has emerged as a frontrunner, especially for students looking to pursue MBBS.

The country’s medical institutions have been recognized for their robust curriculum, high standards of teaching, and affordable fees.

If you are considering MBBS or any other medical course in the 2023-24 academic year, here’s everything you need to know about medical studies in Bangladesh.

MBBS in Bangladesh

1. Why Choose Bangladesh for Medical Studies?
  • International Recognition: Bangladesh’s medical colleges are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Council of India (MCI), and other global institutions. This makes the MBBS degree from Bangladesh valid and universally accepted.

  • Cost-Effective: Compared to western countries and even neighboring countries, the cost of pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh is considerably less.

  • English Medium Curriculum: The courses are taught in English, easing the transition for international students.

  • High-Quality Education: With a curriculum and teaching methodology similar to India, students get a quality education comparable to renowned global standards.

 Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh


MBBS in Bangladesh
3. Eligibility and Admission Process
  • Eligibility: Students need to have a minimum of 60% marks in their 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Some colleges may have entrance exams or interviews.

  • Application Process: Begin by shortlisting the colleges. Then, obtain and fill the application forms. Ensure you have all the required documents, including academic certificates, passport copies, and photographs.

  • Entrance Examination: Few colleges may require you to sit for an entrance test. Be prepared and check the respective college’s guidelines.

4. Living in Bangladesh
  • Affordable Living: The cost of living in Bangladesh is reasonable. Students can opt for hostels, shared apartments, or PG accommodations.

  • Culture and Cuisine: Known for its rich history and diverse culture, students get to explore a vibrant lifestyle. Not to forget, the delightful Bengali cuisine.

  • Safety: Most college campuses have a secure environment with dedicated security personnel ensuring the safety of international students.

5. After Graduation
  • Internship Opportunities: Graduates usually have a mandatory one-year internship, either in affiliated hospitals or in their home country.

  • Practice in Home Country: For students wishing to practice in their home country post their MBBS, it’s imperative to clear the respective country’s medical examination.

6. Course Structure & Curriculum

Duration: The MBBS course in Bangladesh spans six years, including a mandatory one-year internship at the end of the program.

Curriculum: Based on the British medical education model, Bangladesh’s MBBS curriculum provides a solid foundation in theoretical knowledge combined with extensive practical exposure.

Subjects span from Anatomy to Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology, Forensic Medicine, and more.

7. Language & Cultural Integration

While the course is primarily taught in English, students might benefit from learning Bengali. It not only helps in day-to-day life but also assists in building a rapport with patients during clinical practice.

Cultural events at universities ensure international students get an insight into Bangladesh’s rich traditions, facilitating smoother integration.

8. Scholarships & Financial Aid

Several medical colleges in Bangladesh offer scholarships based on merit. For international students, especially those from SAARC countries, there are specific scholarships that reduce the financial burden considerably.

Researching and applying for these can substantially cut down costs.

9. Other Medical Courses

Apart from MBBS, there are other courses like BDS (Dentistry), Nursing, and Pharmacy which are increasingly becoming popular among international students in Bangladesh.

These courses, like MBBS, maintain rigorous global standards.

10. Opportunities for Post-Graduation

After completing MBBS, many students opt for post-graduation in Bangladesh. Renowned for specialties like Surgery, Medicine, Gynecology, and Pediatrics, the country provides ample opportunities for higher studies in diverse fields.

11. Alumni Network & Global Connections

Alumni of Bangladeshi medical colleges are spread across the globe, practicing in renowned hospitals, conducting groundbreaking research, and leading various medical organizations.

This expansive network can be invaluable for fresh graduates seeking job opportunities or guidance.

12. Challenges & Solutions

Every international endeavor comes with its set of challenges. Some students face initial homesickness, adaptability issues, or dietary changes.

However, universities in Bangladesh are increasingly aware of these challenges and offer counseling services, student help desks, and international student associations to help newcomers adjust.

13. Future Trends

Medical education in Bangladesh is undergoing constant evolution. With a rising emphasis on research, technology integration in teaching, and increasing collaborations with foreign universities, the scope and quality of medical education are poised to grow.

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MBBS and Medical Admission in Bangladesh 2024-25

Looking to study MBBS in Bangladesh. Fortune brings you the latest information on MBBS admission in Bangladesh. Many international students are looking for admission to the medical institution of high repute in Bangladesh.

The cost of living and education in Bangladesh is less than many reputed medical institutes worldwide. The average cost of study MBBS in Bangladesh ranges between 18 Lakh-INR to 25 Lakh INR, including Hostel.

International students and students from India have shown keen interest in their MBBS admission in Bangladesh.

The renowned medical institution has seen queries coming from international students such as Bangladesh Medical College, Islami Bank Medical College, Diabetic Association Medical College,

International Medical College, East-West Medical College, Ibrahim Medical College, Dhaka National Medical College, etc.

The low cost and efficient, effective medical education of Bangladesh makes it one of the most favored destinations for medical education.

Advantages of studying in Bangladesh

1. MCI, Approved medical study outside India. Under MCI Act 1956

2. MBBS in Bangladesh best alternative Low-cost Medical Study outside India

3. Recognition By – Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council & Member of South East Asia Regional Organization For Medical Council Enlisted in the Directory of IMED & AVECENA (Formerly W.H.O)

4. Students can register to the Medical Council of India by giving a Screening Test to practice in India after completion of an MBBS Degree in Bangladesh

5. Least Financial cost to complete MBBS Course in Private medical college and accessible seats under SAARC Quota in Government Medical College

6. Adequate patient flow for clinical studies & practice Maintaining Global Medical Education Standard

7. Socio-cultural same as India, environment, and climate are almost the same

8. Very close to Home Country

9. Security and safety of Individual is ensured in the Campus

10. Affordable Medical Study at Low Package for Middle-Class Family Best Option for MBBS Study outside India