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Medical College For Women & Hospital Affiliated with the University of Dhaka, Situated in Uttara, closed to Dhaka International Airports. Modern Campus, On Campus Own AC Hostel, Library & Hospital High Patient Flow. First Private Women’s Medical College in Bangladesh.


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Medical College for Women

The concept of a Medical College exclusively for women is not a new one, particularly in our socio-cultural background. There are examples of such medical colleges in neighboring countries. There is already an awareness in the society for the enhancement of technical education in the female population the Bangladesh Government has already taken positive steps in the field of teacher’s training in the education sector. At present the female quota of admission in medical colleges is far too low and as such many talented girls could not be admitted in this noble profession. Moreover, there are conservative families who want to educate their children in an atmosphere like this.

There will also be a training center for nurses & paramedics in this complex so that a good number of students will be trained in nursing and other specialties who will fill the demands of nurses and other specialties in the government or non-government hospitals and foreign countries.

This Medical College & Hospital has already created a job opportunity for about 300 doctors, 100 nurses, paramedics, and other technical and non-technical persons directly. It will thus help to develop the National Economy (GDP).

The proposed hospital, of this Medical College, will ultimately cater to 500 beds with all specialties like Intensive Care Unit, Coronary Care Unit, Kidney Unit, Neuro-surgical Unit, etc. The Hospital will provide the laboratory facilities and the immunization facilities to the society. It will add to a demand in the Health Services to the people and will also save foreign travel and foreign exchange in the near future. This whole project is a non-profit voluntary social work & self income generating. The source of income is from trustee funds and later on voluntary donations, student’s tuition fees and development charges, patient’s payments for hospital treatment, NGOs, and from any other legal sources when offered.

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Principal’s Message

It is a great privilege for me to welcome you all to this excellent educational institution Medical College for Women & Hospital, Uttara, Dhaka. This is one of the oldest medical colleges in the private sector in Bangladesh. This medical college was established in 1992. MCW&H is recognized as a center of excellence in teaching. Many students of this college are now renowned physicians at home and abroad. Our faculty members are highly qualified, efficient, and dedicated. Its mission is to provide quality medical education, research, and service to the people of Bangladesh and others at a reasonable cost. The college & the 500 bedded hospital with the modern facilities are run by “The Medical & Health Welfare Trust”, a non-political, nonprofit organization.

The students are selected strictly on merit basis through govt. procedure. In this medical college, the academic program is well organized. In addition to the academic program, faculty members are available to the students to counsel and give guidance to solve their problems. Sincere efforts are made to attract the students to their learning. Modern teaching methods are extensively used by the teachers for imparting a lesson. Those students are found a week, our teachers are providing extra attention. Our good results are reflecting the devotion and all-out efforts of our students and teachers. We have a well-organized library with books of the most recent addition. Our library is well equipped, we are getting all types of recent medical information regularly. We have another library which is kept open 24 hours for students. Our medical education unit is helping our faculty development concerned with teaching and learning. We have a well organized Medical Research Unit which is providing various kinds of research facilities for our doctors and students.

We have two well-secured hostels were almost 100% of students residing including foreign students. They are getting all types of facilities including a gym inside the hostel. Moreover, the college organizes an annual picnic, study tour, pohela boishakh celebration, post eid get together, etc. To recognize the academic success we are organizing award giving ceremony. Our medical college has a half-yearly peer-reviewed medical journal, published regularly from 2003. It is recognized by BMDC and is recorded in the international standard serial number (ISSN) register. This institute is recognized by WHO (World Health Organization), MCI (Medical Council of India), Medical Board of California, USA and enlisted to the World Directory of Medical school, ECFMG (Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduate) so that our students are eligible to pursue their higher education and other objectives all over the world.

By the grace of almighty Allah, Medical College for Women & Hospital (MCW&H) has successfully completed 25 years with excellent results. I am grateful to the respective authorities of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the University of Dhaka as well as the Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BMDC) for their kind support and guidance. Our aim is to create a conducive learning environment and guide students to acquire the appropriate knowledge and skills. We always try to imbue our students with high ideals, so they try to maintain their veracity. I am very much confident and it is my proud feeling that Medical College for Women & Hospital is now one of the most renowned private Medical colleges of the country. May Allah bless us all and give us the capacity to develop our institute to a more glorious position in the coming days.

Prof. Dr. K.G.M. Iqbal
Medical College for Women & HospitalGeneral Information


Bangladesh, a developing country burdened with a huge human cargo, is uniquely placed to harness her human resource potential to the benefit of its people through the effective restructuring of the existing health care delivery system with a major shift towards primary health care approach.

Medical College for Women & Hospital is a Non-Government Organization. The establishment of such an institute will assist the mobilization of resources for health manpower development for solving national problems through basic and applied research and by encouraging self-reliance in the women population.

This program will give a good profile of the talents of a female student in the technical field by proving their better performance in medical education in a separate environment. This college will have a research cell in each department with good facilities for female graduates who can give more time in this field.


The aims of the medical college for women & hospital is to teach specially selected female candidates for five academic years according to the syllabus laid down by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) for MBBS degree to be conferred by the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, and then impart training of closely supervised internship for one year to create high-quality career doctors for the nation.


  1. Introduction to newly designed community-oriented medical & dental education including MBBS course.
  2. To arrange a training course for nurses, paramedical & medical social workers.
  3. To provide postgraduate students, training, and research leading to a certificate or diploma, degree, doctorate, and post-doctorate degree for a strictly limited number.
  4. To meet the responsibilities of providing preventive as well as curative health care to the people of Bangladesh.
  5. To inspire to develop the essential character qualities, a strong sense of righteousness, and a basic desire to serve the suffering humanity.


The college and hospital may have several units located in different areas. At present:

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Admission Procedure:

Eligibility For Admission (Session: 2022-2023):

Eligibility for admission in MBBS/BDS course in Bangladesh Govt. and private Medical & Dental Colleges are approved by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (Medical Education Unit). Bangladesh govt. has formulated the following requirements for admission in MBBS/BDS course in the Govt. & private Medical & Dental colleges.

For the MBBS course – Eligibility of candidates are as follows:

(a) Students who have passed SSC in 2015 and HSC in 2017 or 2014 and 2016 respectively and should have a total GPA of 9.00 (minimum requirement of GPA in SSC or HSC is 4.00 in each examination). GPA 3.50 in Biology at HSC Level is compulsory for all students.

(b) Students having O level & A level qualifications and foreign students having similar or equivalent qualifications should apply with a certificate of equivalence issued from the Director-General, Health Directorate, Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

(c) For foreign students will have to arrange attestation of their SSC(SSE) & HSC(SSCE) equivalence certificate & mark sheets from their foreign ministry and submit their papers through Bangladesh Embassy in concern countries.

d) In the case of national/foreign students, admission will be invalid if any document is found to be false or wrong, before or after admission. No extra foreign national students will be admitted in excess of the number already specified by the govt. of Bangladesh.

Admission will be made on the basis of results of the undermentioned examination:

(a) Written test according to the current syllabus of the HSC course will be held in the MCQ system and this examination will include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Knowledge: Physics-20, Chemistry-25, Biology-30, English-15, General Knowledge-10 = Total 100 Marks. In the written admission test. 0.25 marks will be subtracted for each incorrect answer.

(b) 25 x GPA HSC   = 125 (Maximum)
15 x GPA SSC   = 75 (Maximum)
Total Marks  = 200

Admission Process:
Application forms along with prospectus will be available from the office of the Principal on payment of Taka 1000/- for local students and US$ 100.00 for foreign students for the eligible candidate who is undergone through the admission process conducted by the Director, Medical Education, Ministry of Health, Government of Bangladesh.

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Payment Instructions: 2022-2023

For Bangladeshi citizen:

  1. Payment of admission fees and all charges will be made under the rules of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Which will be paid by pay-order in favor of the “Medical College for Women and Hospital, Uttara, Dhaka-1230”.
  2. Yearly tuition fees with other yearly charges are payable at the beginning of the year. Failing which they will have to pay a 10% surcharge on the amount for default.
  3. Tuition fees after 1styear to onwards payment will be made by pay order in favor of “Medical College for Women and Hospital, Uttara, Dhaka”.
  4. Re-admission fee Tk. 1,50,000.00 (One lac fifty thousand takas only) plus the usual tuition fees of the session will be paid by the students (if the student fails to attend her classes and ward for more than six months continuously).
  5. All students will clear their tuition & other fees so long they continue their regular courses.
  6. If they fail in the final professional MBBS examination, they will have to pay Tk. 25,000.00 (twenty-five thousand takas only) for each attempt for all subjects and Tk. 8,355.00 (eight thousand three hundred fifty-five taka only) for each subject.
  7. All students will clear their hostel seat rent before appearing in 1st, 2nd, 3rd& final professional MBBS examination under Dhaka University.
  8. Students who desire to live in a hostel will have to pay a minimum of 06 (six) month’s hostel seat rent in advance at the time of admission.
  9. All students have to pay any other charges which will be imposed by the concerned authority related to the MBBS course, such as RFST, study tour, autopsy visit, etc.

For SAARC countries:

Mode of Payment:

During admission:

Description  Amount (US $)
Admission fee 1,000.00
Tuition fees (1st year) 5,500.00
Development fee & other expenditure 19,000.00
RFST (Residential field station training fee) 400.00
Enlistment fee (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Bangladesh) 1,000.00
University Registration fee (University of Dhaka) 1,000.00
Admission processing and handling charges 100.00
Total US$ : 28,000.00

In words: Twenty-eight thousand US dollars only.

The tuition fee for the subsequent years:

Description  Amount (US $)
2nd Year 5,500.00
3rd Year 6,000.00
4th Year 6,000.00
5th Year 6,500.00
 Total US$:  24,000.00

In words: Twenty-four thousand US dollars only.

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For foreign students (Except SAARC Countries):

Payment during admission:

Description Amount (US $)
Admission fee 1,000.00
Tuition fees (1st year) 10,500.00
Development fee & other expenditure 19,000.00
RFST (Residential field station training fee) 400.00
Admission processing and handling charges 100.00
Enlistment fee (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Bangladesh) 1,000.00
University Registration fee (University of Dhaka) 1,000.00
Misc. charges 2,000.00
Total US$ : 35,000.00

In words: Thirty-five thousand US dollars only.

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Air-conditioned Library

List of Books (subject wise):

Sl. Subjects Quantity
01. Anatomy 934
02. Physiology 676
03. Biochemistry 195
04. Pathology 265
05. Microbiology 180
06. Pharmacology 135
07. Forensic Medicine 105
08. Community Medicine 107
09. Medicine 357
10. Dermatology 23
11. Surgery 273
12. Gynaecology & Obstetrics 128
13. Pediatrics 146
14. Ophthalmology 90
15. ENT 49
16. Radiology & Imaging 27
17. Psychiatry 69
18. Nursing 9
19. Miscellaneous 220
Total: 3988

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Medical Research Unit (MRU)


(A project of The Medical & Health Welfare Trust, Uttara, Dhaka)


Historically, it is important to state that the Medical Research Unit (MRU) at Medical College for Women & Hospital (MCW&H), Plot-4 Road-9 Sector-1, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh, started its journey in 2002. The image of a medical college depends on its university examination results and its scientific publications in journals. Accordingly, MRU was formally established by The Medical & Health Welfare Trust (MHWT) on 24.10.2005 with the recommendation of the Board of Trustee (BOT), MHWT. This MRU, first of its kind in a Medical College in Bangladesh, has been mostly financed by the MHWT and is being represented by the honorable members of the BOT, MHWT:

Prof. Dr. AQMB Choudhury,
MBBS TDD(Wales)  FRCP(Edin)  FRCP(Glasgow)  FRCP(London)  FCPS(BD)
Honorary Professor of Medicine, Chairman of MHWT, Uttara, Dhaka-1230
Honorable Former President of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh

Prof. Dr. MR Khan, 
MBBS(Cal) DTM&H(Edin) DCH(London) FCPS(BD) FRCP(Edin)
Honorary Professor of Paediatrics, Executive Chairman of MHWT, Uttara, Dhaka-1230
Honorable National Professor

Prof. Dr. AM Mujibul Haq
MBBS  DTM&H(Edin)  MPhil(Leeds)  MRCP  FRCP(London)  FCPS(BD)
Honorary Professor of Medicine, Chairman-Projects & Member-BOT, MHWT
Honorable Chairman of MRU, MHWT, Uttara, Dhaka-1230

Presently, the MRU is patronized and administered by its (i) Chairman: Prof. Dr. AM Mujibul Haq, MBBS(Dhaka) DTM&H(Edin) MPhil(Leeds) MRCP FRCP(London) FCPS(BD), Honorary Professor of Medicine; (ii) Director: Prof. Dr. ASM Giasuddin, MSc(Dhaka) Ph.D. (London) PGD(London) CSciFIBMS(UK) MNYAS(USA), Professor of Biochemistry & Immunology, Formerly, Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Welcome Trust, UK; Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of London, London, UK; Professor of Immunology & Biochemistry at Al-Arab Medical University, Faculty of Medicine, Benghazi, Libya; (iii) Member Secretary: Prof. (cc) Khadija Akhter Jhuma, MBBS(Dhaka) MPhil(Dhaka) MS(NSU), Professor(cc) & Head of the Department of Biochemistry, Medical College for Women & Hospital, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.

It is important that a research unit is headed by a team of senior well qualified and highly experienced biomedical professors/scientists who will supervise the research projects including project design, preparation of proforma, and selection of interested persons who have a research background.

 The Objective:

The objectives of setting up the MRU at MCW&H are to carry out:

Nursing Introduction:

Nursing Institute, Medical College for Women & Hospital is a private and non-profit organization governed by a Trustee Board namely “The Medical & Health Welfare Trust”. It is established in January 2008. The institute is currently running three (3) years ‘Diploma in Nursing Science & Midwifery’ course following the syllabus of BNC (Bangladesh Nursing Council).

The aim of this institute is to provide and train a skilled nurse in the health sector in our country. The board of trustees is working to improve the health, educational, social, and financial status of underprivileged people, particularly or women in our country. The nursing institute is such an organization where individuals are receiving training and contributing to the health sector.

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