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    Fortune Education, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a well-established educational consultancy that specializes in medical education, particularly for MBBS programs.

    MBBS in Bangladesh Authorized Education Consultant in Bihar

    Fortune Education have been operating since 1994, offering guidance and support to students aspiring to pursue medical studies in Bangladesh and abroad. Fortune Education is recognized as an authorized education consultant in Bihar, India, and provides a range of services to students from this region.

    They offer comprehensive consultancy services, including personalized career counseling, streamlined admission processes, and post-admission support. Fortune Education represents several prestigious medical colleges in Bangladesh, such as Army Medical College Cumilla, Army Medical College Bogura, Army Medical College Jashore, Sylhet Women’s Medical College, Islami Bank Medical College, and Diabetic Association Medical College.

    The consultancy is committed to assisting students throughout their journey, from selecting suitable courses and preparing for entrance exams to navigating the intricacies of the admission process. They also provide post-admission support like assistance with visa procedures for international students, accommodation arrangements, and pre-departure briefings.

    Medical colleges in Bangladesh are recognized by various international medical councils and organizations, making graduates eligible to appear for major tests like the USMLE, PLAB, and the screening examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations, India, under the observation of the Medical Council Of India.

    For students interested in studying MBBS in Bangladesh, Fortune Education offers information and guidance on various medical colleges, including details about their admission process and fee structures. For instance, the cost of studying MBBS in colleges like Sylhet Women’s Medical College, Army Medical College Bogura, and others ranges from approximately $40,000 to $55,200.

    Fortune Education also offers information on scholarships and financial aid options for students pursuing medical studies. They provide guidance on applying for these scholarships and assist with the necessary documentation and application processes.

    For those in Bihar looking to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh, Fortune Education can be a valuable resource, offering expertise and support throughout the educational journey.

    Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

    Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh offer an opportunity for students to pursue MBBS with a blend of medical education and military discipline. These colleges are affiliated with the Bangladesh Professional University and are maintained by the Bangladesh Army, ensuring high standards of education and discipline.

    Army Medical College Bogura

    Army Medical College Bogura (AMCB): Established in 2014 and commenced academic activities in 2015, AMCB is located in Bogura, Bangladesh. It offers a five-year MBBS course, with a curriculum combining theoretical knowledge and practical clinical skills. The college is recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC) and is affiliated with the Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP).

    AMCB boasts experienced faculty, modern teaching facilities, and clinical training resources. The total fee for international students is approximately $47,000, covering tuition, food, hostel, study tour, and other facilities.

    Army Medical College Jashore (AMCJ): Founded in 2015, AMCJ operates under the Army Welfare Trust and Area HQ, Jashore. It offers a five-year MBBS program, adhering to the curriculum of the Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council. The college provides separate hostels for male and female students and is equipped with modern facilities. The admission criteria include physical requirements and educational qualifications, with a focus on science subjects.

    Other Army Medical Colleges: In addition to AMCB and AMCJ, there are other Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh, such as Army Medical College Chittagong and Army Medical College Cumilla, each with its unique features and facilities.

    These colleges not only provide medical education but also instill military discipline and values in their students. Graduates from these colleges can pursue careers in various medical fields within both military and civilian settings.

    MBBS in Bangladesh Authorized Education Consultant in Bihar

    Direct MBBS Admission Bangladesh

    For direct admission and more detailed information about these colleges, including fee structures and admission procedures, you can contact Fortune Education, which is an authorized representative for these colleges. They offer consultancy services for international students and guide them through the admission process.

    For more detailed information and guidance on admissions, you may visit the official websites or contact the colleges directly​​​​​​​​​​​​.

    Army Medical College MBBS Application Process

    The application process for the MBBS program at Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh, such as Army Medical College Bogura (AMCB) and Army Medical College Jashore (AMCJ), is primarily overseen by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) of Bangladesh. Here are the general steps involved in the application process:

    Registration for the Admission Test: Candidates must first register for the admission test through the DGHS website.

    Document Submission: During the registration process, candidates are required to upload necessary documents like passport-sized photos, academic transcripts, and certificates.

    Admission Test Participation: After successful registration, candidates must attend the admission test on the scheduled date and time.

    Result Announcement: The results of the admission test are published by the DGHS, and candidates can check their results online.

    Counseling Session: Successful candidates are then required to attend a counseling session where they can choose their preferred college and confirm their admission.

    MBBS in Bangladesh

    The eligibility criteria for admission include having completed higher secondary education or equivalent examination with a minimum GPA of 9.00 (with at least 3.50 in biology) in the science group. The total cost of the MBBS program at these colleges is around 35-40 lakhs INR, which includes tuition fees, accommodation fees, and other expenses. However, these fees may vary from year to year, so it is advisable to check with the college for the most current information.

    For more detailed information and assistance, Fortune Education, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, serves as an education consultancy and the official authorized consultant for Army Medical College. They can provide guidance regarding the admission processes, visa applications, and other related services. It’s important to note that students should also conduct their own research and verify the information provided by consultancies before making any decisions.

    For more specifics on the application process, eligibility, fees, and other related details, it’s recommended to visit the official websites of the respective colleges or the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) of Bangladesh.

    Check out these search results to keep exploring.

    Clinical Training in Army Medical College MBBS

    The clinical training in Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh, such as Army Medical College Bogura and Jashore, is a vital component of the MBBS program. These colleges are known for their emphasis on both theoretical and practical aspects of medical education.

    Clinical Training in Army Medical College Bogura (AMCB)

    The MBBS program at AMCB includes extensive clinical training and practical exposure, integrated with theoretical learning.
    Students participate in rotations and clinical postings at associated teaching hospitals, allowing them to gain hands-on experience and develop skills in patient care, bedside manners, and clinical practice.

    The college’s infrastructure supports this training with well-equipped lecture halls, laboratories, and a well-stocked library, in addition to modern clinical facilities at the teaching hospital.
    Clinical Training in Army Medical College Jashore (AMCJ):

    AMCJ 2024

    Fortune 2024

    AMCJ’s MBBS program also focuses on practical training as an integral part of the curriculum.
    Students are provided with opportunities for hands-on clinical experience through rotations and postings in affiliated hospitals.
    This practical training is crucial for applying theoretical knowledge to real-world medical scenarios and helps students develop essential clinical skills and effective patient care approaches.

    Both AMCB and AMCJ are known for their high academic standards, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities, which collectively contribute to a comprehensive medical education. The colleges’ affiliation with the Bangladesh Army adds a unique aspect of discipline and ethical values to the training, preparing students for diverse career opportunities in both military and civilian healthcare sectors.

    For students, especially international ones, considering these institutions for their MBBS education, it’s important to visit the official websites or contact the colleges directly for the most specific and updated information regarding the admission process, eligibility criteria, and other details related to the MBBS program

    Authorized Education Consultant in Bihar

    Fortune Education, established in 1994, is a recognized and leading educational consultant, particularly known for its expertise in medical education. As an authorized education consultant in Bihar, they offer comprehensive guidance and support to students aspiring to pursue higher education in medical fields, especially MBBS, both in Bangladesh and overseas.

    Their services include counseling prospective students about various medical colleges, assisting with the application process, providing documentation support, and offering guidance on scholarship opportunities. Fortune Education has a strong track record of successfully assisting numerous students from Bihar in achieving their academic goals in medical education.

    They are known for their personalized approach to counseling, taking into account each student’s unique preferences, aspirations, and challenges. With a strong network of reputable universities and colleges, they are well-positioned to provide up-to-date information about admission requirements, scholarship opportunities, and academic trends.

    Fortune Education distinguishes itself by focusing on ethical and transparent practices, ensuring that students receive accurate and comprehensive information to make informed decisions. Their services extend to helping students secure admission to top medical colleges not just in Bangladesh but also globally.

    Fortune Education

    For students in Bihar seeking professional guidance for studying medicine abroad, particularly in Bangladesh, Fortune Education serves as a trusted partner, assisting with every step of the admission process. Their affiliation with various medical colleges, including Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh, positions them as a reliable source for students looking to pursue MBBS abroad.

    For more specific details on their services and support for medical college admissions, students can reach out to Fortune Education directly​

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