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    • March 13, 2024
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    • MBBS Admission in Bangladesh Through Fortune Education MBBS Admission Process for International Students

    MBBS Admission in Bangladesh Through Fortune Education

    Gaining admission to a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program in Bangladesh through Fortune Education offers a structured and supportive pathway for students looking to pursue a career in medicine.

    MBBS Admission in Bangladesh Through Fortune Education

    Admission to the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program in Bangladesh is a sought-after option for many aspiring medical students, both domestically and internationally. The country’s medical colleges are recognized for providing quality education, practical clinical training, and affordability, making it an attractive destination for medical studies. Here’s a detailed guide to the MBBS admission process in Bangladesh:

    Eligibility Criteria

    1. Academic Requirements: Applicants must have completed their Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. A minimum GPA (usually a total GPA of 8.0 in SSC and HSC, with a minimum of 3.5 in each, but this can vary by institution) is typically required.
    2. Medical Fitness: Candidates must be medically fit.
    3. Age Limit: Some colleges set a maximum age limit for applicants (e.g., 17-25 years at the time of admission).

    MBBS in Bangladesh

    Admission Process for Local Students

    1. Entrance Exam: Admission to MBBS programs is highly competitive and based on a centralized entrance exam conducted by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
    2. Application: Candidates need to apply online through the DGHS website, where they’ll fill out their preferences for medical colleges.
    3. Selection: Admission is based on the entrance exam score, with students being allocated to colleges based on their ranking and preferences.

    MBBS Admission Process for International Students

    1. Eligibility Verification: International students must have their academic qualifications verified to be equivalent to the HSC examination in Bangladesh.
    2. Application: They must apply either through the Bangladesh Embassy in their country or directly to the medical colleges (if permitted).
    3. Direct Admission: Some colleges offer direct admission to international students under a separate quota, often facilitated by educational consultants.

    Important Considerations

    • Accreditation: Ensure the medical college is recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC), as well as globally recognized entities like the World Health Organization (WHO).
    • Medium of Instruction: The medium of instruction is English for all medical colleges, which is advantageous for international students.
    • Tuition Fees and Expenses: International students should be aware of tuition fees, living expenses, and any other associated costs. These vary significantly between colleges and should be clarified before admission.
    • Visa Process: International students will require a student visa. It’s important to start this process early, as it can take time.

    Why Choose Bangladesh for MBBS?

    • Quality Education at Affordable Costs: Bangladesh offers a good quality medical education at a fraction of the cost compared to many other countries.
    • Clinical Exposure: Students gain extensive clinical exposure through hospital affiliations, providing practical experience in patient care.
    • Cultural Diversity: Bangladesh’s medical colleges host students from various countries, providing a multicultural learning environment.

    Post-Admission Requirements

    After gaining admission, students must:

    • Register with the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC).
    • For international students, obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Ministry of Education in Bangladesh is essential.

    Choosing to pursue an MBBS degree in Bangladesh is a significant decision that offers numerous advantages. However, it requires thorough preparation and understanding of the admission process, eligibility criteria, and the costs involved. For those considering this path, starting the process early, doing extensive research, and possibly consulting with authorized educational consultants can greatly facilitate a smooth admission journey.

    Fortune Education, as an authorized medical education consultant, plays a pivotal role in facilitating the admission process for prospective students, especially those from international backgrounds or those who find the admissions landscape challenging to navigate on their own. Here’s a comprehensive overview of how MBBS admission in Bangladesh is streamlined through Fortune Education:

    Why Choose MBBS in Bangladesh?

    • Quality Education: Bangladesh has a number of medical colleges that provide quality education, comparable to other international standards.
    • Affordable Tuition Fees: Compared to many countries, Bangladesh offers an affordable tuition structure for MBBS programs.
    • Medium of Instruction: The medium of instruction in medical colleges in Bangladesh is English, which is beneficial for international students.
    • Clinical Exposure: Students gain hands-on clinical exposure at affiliated hospitals, enhancing their practical skills.

    How Fortune Education Assists in MBBS Admission

    1. Information and Counseling:

    • Provides detailed information about the MBBS programs available in Bangladesh.
    • Offers counseling sessions to help students choose the right college based on their preferences and career goals.

    2. Admission Guidance:

    • Guides students through the entire admission process, ensuring they understand each step.
    • Assists in meeting the eligibility criteria, which typically includes passing the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or equivalent examination with a focus on science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology).

    3. Documentation and Application:

    • Helps in compiling and organizing all necessary documentation for the application.
    • Assists in filling out the application forms correctly to avoid any errors that could lead to rejection.

    4. Seat Confirmation:

    • Through its network and authorization, Fortune Education can facilitate direct MBBS admission with seat confirmation, ensuring that students secure a spot in their desired college.

    5. Financial Guidance:

    • Provides advice on the financial aspects of studying MBBS in Bangladesh, including tuition fees, living expenses, and possible financial aid options.

    6. Pre-Departure and Post-Arrival Support:

    • Offers guidance on visa application and travel arrangements for international students.
    • Provides support after arrival in Bangladesh, helping students acclimate to their new environment and college life.

    7. Continuous Support:

    • Stays in touch with students throughout their study period, offering assistance as needed.

    Advantages for International Students

    • Ease of Admission: Fortune Education’s expertise in the admission process can greatly benefit international students, simplifying their application and admission procedures.
    • Local Support: Having local support in Bangladesh can be invaluable for international students, helping them navigate not just the academic aspects but also the logistical and cultural adjustments.

    Choosing Fortune Education for MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

    When considering Fortune Education for MBBS admission in Bangladesh, it’s important for students and their guardians to conduct their own due diligence. This includes researching the consultant’s track record, seeking reviews or testimonials from past clients, and having clear communication about the services provided and any associated fees.

    Fortune Education’s role in facilitating MBBS admissions in Bangladesh underscores the importance of having knowledgeable and experienced guidance in navigating the complex landscape of international medical education. For students looking to pursue an MBBS degree in Bangladesh, Fortune Education can be a valuable ally, ensuring a smooth transition into their medical studies.

    Army Medical College Jashore with Fortune Education

    Army Medical College, Jashore (AMC Jashore), in partnership with Fortune Education, offers prospective students an excellent opportunity to pursue a career in medicine within a disciplined and prestigious environment. Fortune Education, as an authorized educational consultant, facilitates the admission process for students aiming to secure a seat in this esteemed institution. Here’s how Fortune Education aids students in their journey to Army Medical College, Jashore:

    MBBS in Bangladesh

    Army Medical College Jashore

    Army Medical College, Jashore, is one of the premier medical colleges in Bangladesh, affiliated with the Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP). It is recognized for its rigorous academic curriculum, high-quality medical education, and the unique integration of military discipline with medical training. The college aims to produce competent, skilled, and compassionate medical professionals ready to serve both civilian and military sectors.

    How Fortune Education Helps

    Fortune Education offers comprehensive support and guidance to students interested in pursuing an MBBS degree at AMC Jashore. Their services include:

    1. Information and Counseling

    • Provides detailed information about AMC Jashore, including its programs, facilities, and admission requirements.
    • Offers personalized counseling to help students understand their prospects and how AMC Jashore fits into their career goals.

    2. Admission Assistance

    • Guides students through the entire admission process, ensuring they meet all the criteria and deadlines.
    • Assists with the preparation and submission of the application to ensure accuracy and completeness.

    3. Documentation Support

    • Helps in gathering, organizing, and submitting all necessary documentation required for admission, reducing the chances of errors or omissions.

    4. Direct Admission and Seat Confirmation

    • Through its network and authorization, Fortune Education facilitates direct admissions, providing students with a confirmed seat at AMC Jashore, which alleviates a lot of the uncertainty associated with the admissions process.

    5. Preparation for Entrance Exams

    • Offers resources and guidance to prepare for any entrance exams or interviews that may be required as part of the admission process.

    6. Financial Advice

    • Provides advice on the financial aspects of studying at AMC Jashore, including tuition fees, living expenses, and potential scholarships or financial aid options.

    7. Post-Admission Support

    • Offers support with visa applications, accommodation arrangements, and adjusting to life in Jashore for international students.

    Advantages of Studying at AMC Jashore

    • Quality Education: AMC Jashore offers a curriculum that is comprehensive and tailored to meet the evolving needs of healthcare.
    • Military Discipline: The integration of military discipline instills professionalism, ethical conduct, and a sense of duty among students.
    • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Students have access to modern classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and clinical training at affiliated hospitals.
    • Career Opportunities: Graduates have the opportunity to serve in various capacities within the Bangladesh Armed Forces and the civilian healthcare sector.

    Fortune Education

    Choosing Army Medical College, Jashore, with the guidance and assistance of Fortune Education, offers students a clear pathway to achieving their aspirations in the medical field. The combination of AMC Jashore’s esteemed program and Fortune Education’s expert support creates a formidable foundation for aspiring medical professionals.

    Army Medical College Jashore

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