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    How Many Government Medical College in India

    India has a robust network of government medical colleges that are highly sought after due to their affordability and the quality of education they offer. As of the latest data available in 2024, the number of government medical colleges in India has been steadily increasing to meet the growing demand for medical education and healthcare professionals.

    How Many Government Medical College in India

    Number of Government Medical Colleges in India

    As of now, there are over 290 government medical colleges in India. This number includes colleges funded by the Central Government, State Governments, and other public sector organizations. The increase in the number of colleges over the years is part of the government’s initiative to enhance healthcare education and services across the country, especially in underserved areas.

    Distribution and Affiliations

    The government medical colleges in India are spread across various states, with each state having at least one government medical college. These colleges are usually affiliated with a state university or a health university specific to that region. For instance:

    • All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi and the other AIIMS campuses across various states are autonomous institutions established under the Acts of Parliament and are among the top medical institutions in the country.
    • State Government Colleges like the Government Medical College in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, or Grant Medical College in Mumbai are affiliated with state universities and are managed by state health departments.

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    Admission Process

    Admission to these government medical colleges in India is highly competitive, primarily governed by the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET),

    which is a unified entrance examination conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The scores from NEET determine eligibility for admission not only to MBBS courses but also to BDS (Dental) and AYUSH (Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy) courses in these colleges.

    Fee Structure

    One of the major advantages of government medical colleges in India is their affordable fee structure. The annual fees can range from as low as INR 5,000 to INR 50,000, which is significantly lower compared to private medical colleges where the fees can go up to several lakhs per annum. This makes government colleges highly desirable for students from all economic backgrounds.

    Quality of Education

    Government medical colleges in India are known for their high standards in medical education, extensive clinical training, and well-qualified faculty.

    These colleges are equipped with hospitals that not only serve as excellent training grounds for students but also cater to the healthcare needs of large populations, thereby giving students exposure to a wide range of medical cases.

    The government medical colleges in India form the backbone of the country’s medical education and healthcare system. They are instrumental in producing skilled and competent healthcare professionals who are capable of serving in various parts of the country,

    including rural and underserved areas. As the demand for qualified medical professionals continues to grow, the role of these institutions becomes increasingly significant, not just in education but also in improving the overall healthcare landscape of India.

    Fortune Education Consultancy, often referred to simply as Fortune Education, is a prominent educational consultancy firm that specializes in guiding students through the admissions process primarily for medical colleges

    in Bangladesh. It serves as an authorized representative for several well-respected medical colleges and universities, providing end-to-end services to facilitate the enrollment of both local and international students into medical programs.

    Services Provided by Fortune Education Consultancy

    1. Admission Guidance: Fortune Education offers comprehensive admission guidance, helping students understand the various requirements and processes involved in applying to medical colleges, particularly in Bangladesh. They provide insights into choosing the right institution based on the student’s preferences, academic background, and career goals.

    2. Application Assistance: The consultancy assists students with the complete application process, including form filling, document submission, and ensuring that all the necessary paperwork is correctly processed. This is crucial for international students who may not be familiar with the specific requirements of foreign medical institutions.

    3. Visa Assistance: For international students, obtaining a visa can be a challenging part of studying abroad. Fortune Education provides detailed assistance in preparing visa applications, organizing necessary documents, and offering advice on how to navigate the visa interview process.

    4. Pre-Departure Briefings: Before students leave for their studies, Fortune Education conducts pre-departure briefings that cover essential topics such as travel arrangements, accommodation, what to expect upon arrival, and how to adapt to a new cultural environment.

    5. Post-Arrival Support: Once students arrive at their destination, Fortune Education ensures they receive support to settle in. This includes help with finding suitable accommodation, understanding local transportation, and integrating into the student community.

    6. Academic Planning: They provide support not just for admissions but also for academic success, offering advice on course selection, study techniques, and how to make the most of the educational opportunities available.

    Why Choose Fortune Education Consultancy?

    Expertise in Medical Education: Fortune Education’s focus on medical education in Bangladesh means they have specialized knowledge in this field, which can significantly benefit students aiming to pursue a medical career in or via Bangladesh.

    Strong Network with Medical Colleges: Being an authorized representative, they have established strong relationships with numerous medical colleges in Bangladesh. This allows them to provide reliable and updated information and facilitate smoother admission processes.

    Supportive Services for International Students: Their extensive experience in assisting international students ensures that they are well-prepared to address common and uncommon challenges faced by students studying abroad.

    Comprehensive Services: From choosing a college to settling into a new country, Fortune Education offers a full spectrum of services that cater to every phase of the educational journey.

    For students interested in pursuing medical education in Bangladesh and requiring assistance with the process, Fortune Education can be contacted through the following:


    Fortune Education Consultancy stands out as a reliable partner for students aiming to navigate the complexities of enrolling in medical colleges, particularly in Bangladesh.

    With their expert guidance, comprehensive service offering, and dedication to student success, they are well-equipped to support students in achieving their educational and career objectives in the medical field.

    Fortune Education Consultancy primarily specializes in facilitating MBBS admissions for students in Bangladesh. They do not directly manage admissions to government medical colleges in India. However, they may provide general guidance and counseling to students interested in studying medicine, including those considering educational opportunities in India.

    As of the most recent updates, India has over 290 government medical colleges. This number includes colleges funded and managed by both the Central and various State governments across the country. These institutions are known for their affordability and the quality of medical education they provide.

    Role of Consultancies Like Fortune Education

    While Fortune Education does not handle admissions to government medical colleges in India, students looking for guidance on pursuing medical education in India might still benefit from consulting with educational consultancies for the following reasons:

    1. General Guidance and Counseling: Consultancies can provide information on the requirements and procedures for applying to medical colleges in India. This is particularly useful for international or NRI students who might not be familiar with the system.
    2. Preparation for Entrance Exams: Admission to government medical colleges in India is highly competitive and is based on scores obtained in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). Some consultancies offer preparatory courses or guidance for these entrance exams.
    3. Application Process Assistance: Although not directly involved, consultancies can help students understand the application timeline, documentation, and eligibility criteria for applying to medical colleges in India.
    4. Career Counseling: They can offer advice on the various career paths available after completing an MBBS in India, as well as guidance on postgraduate opportunities.

    Key Points for Aspiring Medical Students

    For students interested in pursuing an MBBS degree from government medical colleges in India, here are a few key points to consider:

    • NEET Examination: Admission to all government and private medical colleges in India is based on the performance in NEET. This exam is mandatory for all aspirants, including those applying to undergraduate medical (MBBS), dental (BDS), and AYUSH (Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) courses.
    • Counseling Sessions: After qualifying NEET, students must participate in counseling sessions conducted by the Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) for admission into medical colleges. This process includes All India Quota and State Quota seats, along with seats in Deemed and Central Universities.
    • Fee Structure: Government medical colleges in India are highly subsidized, with annual fees ranging from approximately INR 5,000 to INR 50,000, making them an economically viable option compared to private medical colleges.
    • Documentation and Eligibility: It’s crucial to ensure all documents are in order, including marksheets, identity proofs, and residency certificates (if applicable), to facilitate a smooth application process.


    While Fortune Education Consultancy does not directly manage admissions for government medical colleges in India, students seeking MBBS admissions can benefit from their services for studying in Bangladesh or might seek other consultancies that specifically provide guidance for medical education in India.

    Online Direct MBBS Admission Application Form

    Visit Fortune Education’s Official Website

    Remember, the process might slightly vary based on the specific requirements of different medical colleges in Bangladesh. Always refer to the latest guidelines provided by Fortune Education or the respective medical college for the most up-to-date information.

    Fortune Education in Dhaka, Bangladesh, established in 1994, offers MBBS, BDS, and BVSc admissions with special scholarships and waivers for SAARC students. They are an authorized representative of various medical and dental colleges and universities.

    Admissions are available for top private medical colleges under leading universities such as the University of Dhaka, Chittagong Medical University, Rajshahi Medical University, Sylhet Medical University, and the Bangladesh University of Professionals.

    Fortune provide comprehensive counseling for admission, application, guidance, documentation, and information on scholarships or waivers for eligible students. The registration and online application process has already begun. For more details, interested students can visit their website.

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