MBBS in Bangladesh

    Ad-Din Akij Medical College

  • Ad-Din Akij Medical College in Bangladesh offers an unparalleled opportunity to embark on an MBBS degree that marries rigorous academic training with comprehensive practical experience.

    Ad-Din Akij Medical College

    Through Fortune Education, a premier educational consultancy specializing in medical admissions, international students are provided with a direct and streamlined path to secure a place at one of Bangladesh’s esteemed medical colleges for the academic year 2025, bringing their aspirations of attaining a medical degree within reach.

    Explore Ad-Din Akij Medical College

    Nestled in Khulna, a key city in Bangladesh, Ad-Din Akij Medical College emerges as a pillar of medical educational excellence. Founded under the banner of the Ad-Din Foundation, renowned for its contributions to healthcare and education in Bangladesh, this institution is dedicated to delivering superior medical education and cultivating competent, compassionate, and well-informed healthcare professionals poised to make a difference both locally and internationally.

    Advantages of Choosing Ad-Din Akij Medical College

    Dedication to Excellence: The MBBS curriculum at Ad-Din Akij Medical College is thoughtfully curated to encompass all critical areas of medical science, offering a comprehensive and profound educational journey. The program is designed to furnish students with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills for a flourishing career in the medical field.

    Modern Facilities and Resources: The college is equipped with contemporary facilities and resources, including state-of-the-art laboratories, an extensive library stocked with a broad selection of medical textbooks and journals, and sophisticated clinical training equipment. These resources significantly enhance the educational experience, ensuring students have everything they need to succeed.

    Hands-on Clinical Experience: Students benefit from significant clinical exposure through the college’s affiliations with the Ad-Din network of hospitals. This practical experience is vital for molding competent and assured medical practitioners, ready to face real-world medical challenges.

    Opportunities for Research: Encouraging an environment of inquiry and innovation, Ad-Din Akij Medical College supports numerous research projects in medical science, aiding in the progression of healthcare knowledge and practices.

    MBBS Admission for International Students Through Fortune Education

    Fortune Education, leveraging its profound experience and comprehensive understanding of Bangladesh’s medical education landscape, extends full support to international students aiming for MBBS admission at Ad-Din Akij Medical College for the academic year 2025.

    Fortune Education’s Comprehensive Services:

    • Personalized Counseling: Offers customized guidance to assist students in selecting the medical program that aligns with their career ambitions and academic achievements.
    • Streamlined Admission Process: Facilitates the entire admission journey, from application submission and document preparation to meeting all necessary criteria.
    • Visa Support: Provides exhaustive assistance in securing the required visa for studying in Bangladesh.
    • Financial Advisory: Delivers detailed insights into the MBBS fee structure at Ad-Din Akij Medical College, encompassing tuition, accommodation, and additional expenses.
    • Pre-Departure and Arrival Assistance: Ensures students are well-prepared for their relocation to Bangladesh and offers ongoing support upon their arrival.

    MBBS in Bangladesh Fee StructureAd-Din Akij Medical College

    The fee structure for the MBBS program at Ad-Din Akij Medical College is structured to be economical while maintaining a high standard of medical education. The comprehensive cost generally includes tuition fees, admission fees, laboratory fees, library dues, and hostel accommodation. Fortune Education keeps students informed with the latest fee details and aids in financial planning for their educational journey.

    Choosing Between Ad-Din Akij and Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

    While Ad-Din Akij Medical College presents a distinctive and appealing choice for medical studies, Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh also offer robust academic programs, modern facilities, thorough clinical training, and an emphasis on discipline and leadership. The decision between these institutions should be based on individual preferences, career objectives, and personal values.

    Embarking on Your Medical Education Journey with Assurance

    Opting for Ad-Din Akij Medical College for your MBBS studies marks a pivotal step towards a fulfilling medical career. With Fortune Education by your side, international students can confidently navigate the admission process, supported by knowledgeable and caring professionals at every turn.

    For further details on direct MBBS admission at Ad-Din Akij Medical College and the comprehensive assistance Fortune Education can provide, contact +8801995529533 or visit the application portal at https://fortuneedu.org/application/. Begin your medical career journey here, with Fortune Education guiding you every step towards Ad-Din Akij Medical College.

    MBBS Admission Process in Bangladesh for Session 2024-25

    The MBBS admission process in Bangladesh for the session 2024-25 is a structured and systematic procedure designed to select candidates who demonstrate the potential to excel in medical education and the field of healthcare.

    Bangladesh offers quality medical education that is recognized globally, with its medical colleges being affiliated with respective public universities and regulated under the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC). Here’s a comprehensive guide to navigating the MBBS admission process in Bangladesh for international students, particularly through services like those offered by Fortune Education.

    Understanding Eligibility Criteria

    The first step for prospective MBBS students is to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria set by the medical colleges in Bangladesh and the BMDC. Typically, this includes:

    • Completion of 12 years of schooling with a background in science, including subjects like Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.
    • A minimum aggregate GPA (Grade Point Average), usually a GPA of 7.0 combined in SSC (Secondary School Certificate) and HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) examinations or equivalent, with a minimum GPA of 3.5 in each.
    • Passing grades in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry in the HSC examination or equivalent.
    • For international students, equivalence certificates issued by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), Bangladesh, validating the foreign grades/marks according to the local grading system.

     Application Submission

    • Candidates need to fill out the application form, which can be obtained from the respective college’s admission office or downloaded from their official website. Fortune Education can assist in this process, ensuring that the application is filled correctly and submitted within the deadline.


    Prepare and submit the necessary documents, which typically include:

    • Academic transcripts and certificates of SSC and HSC or equivalent examinations.
    • Equivalence certificate for international students.
    • Passport-size photographs.
    • Copy of the passport for international students.
    • Any other documents as specified by the college or BMDC.

    MBBS Admission for International Students Through Fortune Education


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