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Enam Medical College


Enam Medical College Hospital

Enam Medical College Hospital is now a complete embodiment of health care system of the country, serving all the communities and areas at Dhaka’s Northern suburb, connecting at least 16 Districts onwards. We have dedicated our time, energy and expertise to providing high quality care to the families and patients of our community.

While much of our focus has centered upon both our inpatient and outpatient services we have not lost sight of our need to maintain and strengthen lines of service at the hospital and the medical college. In recent years we invested heavily in new technology and equipment to provide state of the art medical care.

Those investments will continue to include improvements in infrastructure, technology, patient-friendly billing, enhanced medical education and staff development. We will strive towards providing top quality services so our community can have access for their health needs.

Enam Medical College Hospital has received a significant amount of recognition over the past couple of years and the accolades both in medical education, clinical care, screenings, diagnosis and resolving health crises with highest world-class standard at a much lesser cost Enam Medical College Hospital is honored to serve our great community and appreciates the responsibility we have for providing health care services as the core purpose of our essence of being.

The doctor-patient ratio is still far from adequate in this country of more than 160 million people. Along with the government initiative, private entrepreneurs are also coming forward in the health sector to establish medical colleges and hospitals.

The private-sector has already made commendable progress in this field. The Government of Bangladesh has rightly laid down some strict criteria, principles and guidelines to follow and standardize the private medical colleges.

Goals and Objectives

Enam Medical College Hospital has been designed to provide broad based education and professional development for the medical students. The academic faculty is highly talented and the hospital is modern, standard and well-equipped with all the updated facilities. All these will help the students to gain knowledge, skill and attitude to deal with the health problems of the community and make their basic very sound for their profession and higher studies.


Free studentship is available for some meritorious and financially insolvent students. Separate applications are to be submitted for this category. 5% students will enjoy free studentship. In the present system the college governing body will select the candidates for this quota of 5% meritorious and insolvent students.


The college offers five years MBBS course and one year internship training in Enam Medical College & Hospital as required by Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council leading to MBBS degree of the University of Dhaka. The academic session shall be from January each year or as suggested by Government. During the five years course the University of Dhaka will conduct four professional examinations.

i) The First Professional MBBS examination at the end of 1.5 years. (Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry)

ii) The Second Professional MBBS examination at the end of 2.5 years. (Community Medicine and Forensic Medicine)

iii) The Third Professional MBBS examination at the end of 3.5 years. (Parmacology & Therapeutics, Pathology and Microbiology)

iv) The Final Professional MBBS examination at the end of 5 years. Medicine & allied subjects Surgery & allied subjects Obstetrics & Gynecology

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