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    Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College Affiliated with the University of Dhaka.Holy Family Medical College is enlisted in AVICENNA, WHO, MCI, FAIMER,

    Holy Family Medical College

    IMED. American Medical Council & MRCP orientation has been started. the tutorial activities of Islami Bank Medical College commenced through the admission of fifty students within the 2003-04 school term . The admission is predicated on merit keeping in conformity with Government Order published and adopted by IBMC Academic Council and administration. Mission Holy Family Medical College Affiliated with the University of Dhaka.

    Holy Family Medical College is enlisted in AVICENNA, WHO, MCI, FAIMER, IMED. American Medical Council & MRCP orientation has been started It started its journey with 50 students within the school year 1999-2000. Presently we’ve about 800 students and 135 students are admitted during every school term including up to a maximum of fifty foreign students.

    Thirteen batches of scholars have already qualified as doctors and 12th batches have completed their internship training and therefore the thirteen batches are undergoing internship training in Holy Family Medical College Hospital (HFRCMCH) which may be a tertiary care hospital established within the year 1953 with 720 beds and delivering clinical services altogether specialties of life science.

    Objective: The objectives of Islami Bank Medical College are: the school follows the course curriculum of the MBBS course as laid down by Dhaka University and Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. the govt of Bangladesh regulates the standards of The Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College started its journey within the school year 1999-2000 by the inspiration of the daughter of the daddy of the state & defender of the democracy Janonetri Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,.

    Health Minister Sheikh Fazlul Karim Salim MP, Chairman, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society Sheikh Kabir Hossain and every one the Doctors and Staffs working in Holy Family Medical College Hospital under the leadership of Professor Dr. Md. Maniruzzaman Bhuiyan contributed tremendously to determine the school.

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    At the time of admission, all students will need to pay a minimum of 1 (01) year hostel seat rent beforehand , if they desire to measure during a hostel. Hostel accommodation fees are same as an area students for one year. All students will clear their hostel seat rent before appearing within the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Final professional MBBS examination.

    If they fail within the Final Professional MBBS Examination, they’re going to need to pay US$ 800.00 (Eight hundred US Dollars) for every attempt altogether subjects and US$ 267.00 for every subject. All students will clear their tuition & others fees goodbye they continue their regular courses. All students need to pay the other charges which can be imposed by the concerned authority associated with the MBBS course, like RFST, study tour, autopsy visit, etc.

    No Guarantees: Understand that the admissions process, especially for sought-after courses like MBBS, is competitive. No consultancy should outright guarantee a seat without a transparent, merit-based process. If they do so, it might be a red flag.

    Seek Recommendations: Before deciding on a consultancy, ask for recommendations from students who have successfully gained admission to the college or course you’re interested in. Their firsthand experiences can provide valuable insights.

    Payment Protocols: Ensure that any payment you make is receipted, and always be cautious if you’re asked to make large upfront payments or deposits without clear deliverables in return.

    Understand the Process: Make sure you understand every step of the admission process. A reputable consultancy will be willing to walk you through the procedure and answer any questions you might have.

    Avoid Pressure Tactics: If a consultancy pressures you to make quick decisions, pay large sums of money immediately, or sign documents without reading, these are warning signs. Reputable consultancies will allow you the time and space to make informed decisions.

    Legal and Ethical Considerations: Ensure that all actions and recommendations made by the consultancy are ethical and within the bounds of the law. For instance, paying “under-the-table” fees or making unofficial agreements could lead to serious consequences for both you and the consultancy.

    MBBS in Bangladesh


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