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Islami Bank Medical College

The academic activities of Islami Bank Medical College commenced through the admission of 50 students in a 2003-04 academic session.   The admission is based on merit keeping in conformity with Government Order published and adopted by IBMC Academic Council and Governing Body.


Islami Bank Medical College is established with a view to train the specially selected high quality medical candidates to be called ‘Medical students’ for five academic years. They will follow the medical course according to the syllabus laid down by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) formulated for MBBS & BDS degree. The degree thus is conferred by the University of Dhaka will be recognized through registration by BMDC.  Islami Bank Medical College (IBMC) is committed to creating a cadre of high-quality doctors both by medical knowledge and high moral values, dedicated for suffering human physically and psychologically in the nation and others across the geographical boundaries.


The objectives of Islami Bank Medical College are: 1. To teach that we the human species “are Ashraful maks-lu-kat” created to live in the community with harmony and for each other with tender caring. 2. To teach bio-chemical sciences traditionally required for a medical graduate to meet the responsibilities of providing as well as curative health care to the people of Bangladesh. 3. To produce religiously well disciplined, self-motivated and dedicated doctors imbued with the spirit of devotion to the responsibility to human, duty, kindness, tolerance, patience, and compassion. 4. To instill a wide knowledge of the social and economic condition of Bangladesh with a view to imbuing in them the belief, value, and ideas of the nation. 5. To inspire the development of essential characters qualities, a strong sense of righteousness and basic desire to serve the suffering humanities at home and also abroad.


The capabilities of the college are as under:
  1. Presently the college is training 100 MBBS & 20BDS students in each batch. 2. Capable to run 200 students academic activities in each batch. 3. Building-up the desire amongst the passed out doctors to prosecute further studies leading to specialization. in future.


Islami Bank Medical College is located at Airport Road, Nawdapara, Sopura, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. The 7 storied academic building is housing all the departments along with with 650 beds academic hospital. ADMISSION INTO THE MBBS COURSE There is accommodation for 85 students in each academic session. Admission will be on the basis of merit of the students and the criteria as prescribed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and BM&DC. APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION Applications are to be made in the prescribed form which can be obtained from the college office and as mentioned places in the advertisement on payment of Tk 1,000/- (One thousand) non-refundable. Payment is to be made by pay order or bank draft in favour of Islami Bank Medical College, Rajshahi. COURSE EXPENSES The information related to total course expenses will be notified in the college notice board during publication of the final result. The tuition fee may be paid monthly. Students who fail to pass their final professional examination in five years time will have to pay the prescribed tuition fees for the period beyond five years. The expenses rates are, however, subject to change from time to time. Admission fee is to be paid by Bank draft/Pay order in favor of Islami Bank Medical College, Rajshahi. For more details please see the Notice Menu of this website CRITERIA AND PROCEDURES FOR ADMISSION (for foreign students for the session 2022-23) A limited number of seats will be offered for foreign nationals. The interested applicants must fulfill the following criteria for eligibility for admission. 1. Applicants must have passed qualifying examination i.e. 12th grade (10+2=12 years) of schooling at a public School/Board/College or passed an examination in any foreign country which recognizes higher Secondary Certificate Examination(SSC). 2. Applicants must have passed Higher Secondary Certificate Examination or equivalent examinations with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as their major/compulsory subjects. 3. Applicants must have obtained at least 75% marks in average (which is equivalent to GPA 4.0 or equivalent grade in Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary School Certificate examinations or in equivalent examinations (i.e. equivalent grade in A-level or O-level examination )     and should have at least 65% marks separately in either of these examinations (i.e. GPA 3.50 or  equivalent grade). In the case of O-level examination, marks, grades of only six subjects (top 6 subjects on the basis of marks/grades obtained) will be considered. In the case of A-level examination, marks/grades of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology will be considered for evaluation. 4. Applications should be submitted in the prescribed form (to be available from Website). Attested copies of certificates and marks sheets etc. have to be furnished along with the application. All certificates and marks-sheets must be attested by the Ministry of application. 5. The successful applications will require to produce all original academic certificates and mark sheets in during admission Admission Fee Admission Fee MBBS FEES FOR THE SESSION 2022-2023 Total Fees for this college is USD 40,000 Contact Fortune Education at +880 1995529533 for Fees Details Note: Mentioned fees are approximate and they may change as per the change in currency. If any foreign student wants monthly allowance US$ 200 (Two hundred) for 1 (one) year internship training then he/she is to pay US$ 2000 (Two thousand) more along with admission fee.  All the original copies of academic certificates must be submitted at the time of admission.


Islami Bank Medical College offers a 5 years MBBS course under Rajshahi University. The academic session starts every year in the month of January.  The course is recognized by  Bangladesh  Medical  &  Dental  Council and approved by the Ministry of Health and Family  Welfare,  Govt.  of  The  People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The postgraduate training, rendered to the aspiring young MBBS doctors, as a prerequisite for the postgraduate courses of the specialization,   is also recognized by the Bangladesh  College of Physicians and Surgeons (BCPS). The academic activities of Islami Bank  Medical  College  &  Hospital  Rajshahi, Bangladesh is globally accredited by the International Accreditation organization (IAO). This college also offers a  4  years  BDS course under Rajshahi University. The academic session for  BDS course starts every year in January which is also recognized by  Bangladesh  Medical  &  Dental Council & Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. The objectives of the BDS course is to prepare a dental surgeon with required knowledge, skill & attitude to practice dental surgery to improve the oral & dental health in the community. COURSE AND CURRICULUM The undergraduate MBBS course is a 5-year academic course following by 1 year of internship after graduation.  The official language of the academic activities in English. The course and curriculum for five academic years are the same as formatted by the  Bangladesh Medical and Dental  Council. The following subjects are being studied during the five academic years as outlined by Bangladesh Medical  &  Dental  Council.
 MBBS Course Duration Examination Subjects
 Phase I  1.5 years First Professional Examination Anatomy Physiology Biochemistry
 Phase II  1 year Second Professional Examination Forensic Medicine Community Medicine
 Phase III  1 year Third Professional Examination Pathology Microbiology Pharmacology
 Phase IV  1.5 years Final Professional Examination Medicine & allied subjects Surgery & allied subjects Obstetrics & Gynecology
BDS The BDS course is 4 years of studies followed by 1 year of compulsory professional practice in form of a rotatory internship. The course & curriculum for 4 academic years is same as formatted by Bangladesh Medical & Dental  Council. The course will be divided into 4 years & will consist of 8 terms. The time allocation of 4 years of academic studies shall be as follows. ACADEMIC SCHEME A term having 20 weeks for teaching will have at least 100 full working days and therefore approximately 600 hours of teaching time. On this basis each year will have approximately 1200 hours of teaching time. SUBJECT TO BE TAUGHT & TIME ALLOCATION
BDS Course Duration Examination Subjects
 1st year  Part-I 52 weeks Term -1 Term -2 University Exam Vacations Anatomy with Histology Physiology with Biochemistry Science of Dental Materials
 2nd year  Part-II 52 weeks Term -3 Term -4 University Exam Vacations General & Dental Pharmacology Pathology & Microbiology Oral Anatomy & Physiology Prosthodontic Technique Dental Public Health
 3rd year  Part-III 52 weeks Term -5 Term -6 University Exam Vacations General Medicine General Surgery Periodontology & Oral Pathology Prosthodontics Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Orthodontics Paediatric Dentistry
 4th year  Part-IV 52 weeks Term -7 Term -8 University Exam Vacations Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics Prosthodontics Orthodontics Paediatric Dentistry
Library The college library is housed in a fully air-conditioned hall providing accommodation for approximately 120 readers at a time. The library is enriched with a good collection of latest edition books and Journals. It is developed to meet the needlecraft errand students. Text and reference books of different discipline are available. Development of the library is a continuous process having provisions of purchasing books every year. Photocopy & Internet facilities are also available in the library.

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