MBBS in Bangladesh

    MBBS in President Abdul Hamid Medical College

  • President Abdul Hamid Medical College is one of the prominent medical institutions in Bangladesh, offering high-quality medical education and training. Here’s an overview of the college, its facilities, and the MBBS program:

    MBBS in President Abdul Hamid Medical College

    Location: Kishoreganj, Bangladesh

    Established: 2013

    Affiliation: Affiliated with Dhaka University and recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC)

    Objective: To provide excellent medical education, foster research, and deliver healthcare services to the community.

    Facilities and Infrastructure

    1. Campus:
      • Modern campus with state-of-the-art facilities.
      • Located in a serene environment conducive to learning.
    2. Classrooms and Laboratories:
      • Well-equipped classrooms with modern teaching aids.
      • Advanced laboratories for practical training in various medical disciplines.
    3. Library:
      • Extensive collection of medical books, journals, and research materials.
      • Access to digital resources and online databases.
    4. Hostel and Accommodation:
      • Separate hostels for male and female students.
      • Comfortable accommodation with all necessary amenities.
    5. Hospital:
      • Attached teaching hospital providing practical exposure and clinical training.
      • Equipped with modern medical equipment and facilities.

    MBBS Program

    Duration: 5 years + 1 year of compulsory internship


    • Designed to meet international standards.
    • Includes comprehensive theoretical and practical training in medical sciences.

    Teaching Methodology:

    • Interactive lectures, seminars, and workshops.
    • Hands-on practical training and clinical rotations.


    • 1-year compulsory internship at the college’s attached hospital or other affiliated hospitals.
    • Provides real-world experience and patient care training.

    Admission Process

    Eligibility Criteria:

    • Academic Requirements: Candidates must have completed 12 years of schooling (Higher Secondary Certificate or equivalent) with science subjects including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
    • Minimum Marks: Typically, a minimum aggregate score of 60% or equivalent GPA in the qualifying exams is required.

    Application Procedure:

    • Application Form: Available on the college’s official website or through authorized representatives.
    • Required Documents: Academic certificates, mark sheets, passport, photographs, and equivalence certificate (if applicable).
    • Submission: Completed application form and documents must be submitted as per the college’s guidelines.

    Selection Criteria:

    • Admission is based on academic performance and merit.
    • Some years may require an entrance test or interview.

    Tuition Fees:

    • Competitive and transparent fee structure.
    • Payment options and installment plans available to ease financial planning.

    Why Choose President Abdul Hamid Medical College?

    1. High-Quality Education: Experienced faculty and modern curriculum ensuring comprehensive medical education.
    2. Advanced Facilities: State-of-the-art infrastructure and learning resources.
    3. Clinical Training: Extensive practical exposure through the attached teaching hospital.
    4. Supportive Environment: Comfortable accommodation and a conducive learning atmosphere.
    5. Global Recognition: Degrees recognized by international medical councils, enhancing career opportunities worldwide.

    President Abdul Hamid Medical College is committed to providing top-notch medical education and training, preparing students for successful careers in the medical field. With its modern facilities, experienced faculty, and comprehensive curriculum, the college stands out as a premier institution for MBBS studies in Bangladesh.

    For detailed information and personalized assistance, prospective students are encouraged to visit the college’s official website or contact authorized representatives like Fortune Education.

    MBBS in President Abdul Hamid Medical CollegeMBBS in Bangladesh

    MBBS degree in Bangladesh is becoming an increasingly popular choice for both local and international students due to its high-quality education, affordable tuition fees, and excellent infrastructure. Here’s a detailed overview of what to expect when studying MBBS in Bangladesh:

    Why Study MBBS in Bangladesh?

    1. High-Quality Education:
      • International Standards: The medical curriculum in Bangladesh is designed to meet international standards and is recognized globally.
      • Experienced Faculty: Medical colleges employ highly qualified and experienced faculty members who provide excellent education and mentorship.
    2. Affordable Tuition Fees:
      • Compared to many other countries, the cost of studying MBBS in Bangladesh is relatively low. This makes it an attractive option for students from various economic backgrounds.
      • Flexible Payment Options: Many colleges offer installment plans to ease the financial burden on students and their families.
    3. Globally Recognized Degrees:
      • Degrees from medical colleges in Bangladesh are recognized by major global medical councils, including the Medical Council of India (MCI), World Health Organization (WHO), and others.
      • International Opportunities: Graduates can pursue further studies or careers in various countries worldwide.
    4. Multicultural Environment:
      • Medical colleges in Bangladesh attract students from various countries, creating a rich and diverse cultural environment.
      • Language of Instruction: English is the medium of instruction in most medical colleges, making it easier for international students to adapt.
    5. Comprehensive Facilities:
      • Modern Infrastructure: Medical colleges are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including advanced laboratories, libraries, and clinical training centers.
      • Hostel and Accommodation: Many colleges provide comfortable hostel facilities with all necessary amenities, ensuring a conducive living environment for students.

    Admission Process for MBBS in Bangladesh

    1. Eligibility Criteria:
      • Academic Requirements: Students must have completed 12 years of schooling, equivalent to Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) in Bangladesh, with a focus on science subjects including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
      • Minimum Marks: Typically, a minimum aggregate score of 60% or equivalent GPA in the qualifying exams is required.
    2. Application Procedure:
      • Application Form: Prospective students need to fill out the application form available on the medical college’s official website or through authorized representatives like Fortune Education.
      • Required Documents: Students must submit attested copies of academic certificates, mark sheets, passport, and recent passport-sized photographs. All documents must be authenticated by the respective education boards and ministries of foreign affairs in their home countries.
    3. Equivalence Certificate:
      • An equivalence certificate from the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) in Bangladesh may be required to validate the academic qualifications.
    4. Selection Criteria:
      • Merit-Based Selection: Admission is primarily based on academic performance, with candidates selected based on their aggregate marks in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
      • Entrance Exam: Some colleges may require an entrance exam covering topics in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English.
    5. Visa and Travel:
      • Student Visa: Upon receiving the admission offer, students must apply for a student visa through the Bangladesh Embassy in their home country.
      • Travel Arrangements: Students should plan their travel to ensure timely arrival before the commencement of the academic session.

    Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

    1. Dhaka Medical College (DMC)
      • Location: Dhaka
      • Established: 1946
    2. Sir Salimullah Medical College (SSMC)
      • Location: Dhaka
      • Established: 1962
    3. Chittagong Medical College (CMC)
      • Location: Chittagong
      • Established: 1957
    4. Rajshahi Medical College (RMC)
      • Location: Rajshahi
      • Established: 1958
    5. Mymensingh Medical College (MMC)
      • Location: Mymensingh
      • Established: 1924 (as a medical school), 1962 (as a medical college)
    6. Sher-E-Bangla Medical College (SBMC)
      • Location: Barishal
      • Established: 1968
    7. Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College (SOMC)
      • Location: Sylhet
      • Established: 1962
    8. Khulna Medical College (KMC)
      • Location: Khulna
      • Established: 1992
    9. Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College (SZRMC)
      • Location: Bogura
      • Established: 1992
    10. Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College (ShSMC)
      • Location: Dhaka
      • Established: 2006
    11. Rangpur Medical College (RpMC)
      • Location: Rangpur
      • Established: 1970
    12. Comilla Medical College (CoMC)
      • Location: Comilla
      • Established: 1992
    13. Faridpur Medical College (FMC)
      • Location: Faridpur
      • Established: 1992
    14. Dinajpur Medical College (DjMC)
      • Location: Dinajpur
      • Established: 1992
    15. Pabna Medical College (PMC)
      • Location: Pabna
      • Established: 2008
    16. President Abdul Hamid Medical College
      • Location: Kishoreganj
      • Established: 2013


    Studying MBBS in Bangladesh offers a combination of high-quality education, affordable tuition fees, and a supportive learning environment. With the assistance of authorized representatives like Fortune Education, students can navigate the admission process smoothly and begin their journey toward a successful medical career.

    For more detailed information and personalized guidance, prospective students should contact Fortune Education directly or visit the official websites of the respective medical colleges.


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