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  • Diabetic Association Medical College Admission Process

    • May 8, 2020
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    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Diabetic Association Medical College affiliated with the University of Dhaka. Best and Reputed Medical College in Dhaka 109 KM from Dhaka International Airports. Modern Campus, On Campus Own Hostel & Library, Largest Hospital High Patient Flow.

    Diabetic Association Medical College is an institution of Faridpur Diabetic Association. For admission and seat confirmation contact with Fortune Education, Exclusive Authorized Representative. Mobile & WhatsApp: +91-9903355537, Bangladesh: +8801995529533[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

    Diabetic Association Medical College


    Fortune Education, Exclusive Authorized Representative, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Processing direct admission with one-stop services.

    Contact: Mobile & WhatsApp: +8801995529533, India: +91-9903355537


    Diabetic Association Medical College

    The Diabetic Association Medical College, Faridpur is an institution of Faridpur Diabetic Association (FDA) and is run by a Governing Body. It is mentionable that Faridpur Diabetic Association is the 2nd member of “International Diabetes Federation from Bangladesh since 2009.

    This Medical College is Affiliated with University of Dhaka and Recognized by Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BM&DC) and Approved by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

    The College follows the course curriculum of MBBS course as laid down by Dhaka University and Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. Government of Bangladesh regulates the criteria of admission in 1st-year MBBS course and Dhaka University conducts the professional examinations and awards certificates of MBBS degree.

    The Diabetic Association Medical College Hospital (DAMCH) is attached herewith as the teaching hospital which is a tertiary care Hospital established in the year 1985 and delivering clinical services in almost all departments of medical science.

    The Diabetic Association Medical College and Hospital is located in a quiet and serene environment in the heart of Faridpur city at Mosjid Bari Sarok, Jheeltuly on 2.21 acres of land and covering an enormous area of about two and a half lac square feet floor space with all modern amenities.

    Since its establishment in the year 2009, Diabetic Association Medical College, Faridpur has come a long way in last the years and achieved a great reputation amongst the non-government medical colleges in the country. We have adequate qualified teaching staff and modern teaching aids like computers, multimedia and overhead projectors for effective delivery of lectures.

    This medical college has a full-fledged library with sufficient text and reference books and journals. The library has high-speed internet facilities with HINARI access. Our vision is to lead this institution into a Centre of Excellence for medical education, training, and service.


    Historical Outline

    1983 – 2009 (Year of Seeding& Structural Development) On 25 November 1983, Dr. Mohammad Zahed with some other social workers established Faridpur Diabetic Association, the mother organization of this medical college. On 01 August 1985, Faridpur Diabetic Association launched Diabetic test of the patients. On 25 November 1985, Faridpur Diabetic Association got the affiliation of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (BADAS)


    MBBS Course

    Name of the Course

    Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

    Basic Qualification

    Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C) or equivalent degree from Science group with Biology.

    Academic Year

    The academic session commences on 1st July and ends on 30th June.




    MBBS Course comprises of 5 (five) years followed by One year mandatory Internship Training at Diabetic Association medical college Hospital.

    Course Organization

    The MBBS Course is divided into four phases.


    Phase Duration Subjects Examination
    1st Phase 1.5 years AnatomyPhysiologyBiochemistry First Professional MBBS
    2nd Phase 1 year Community MedicineForensic Medicine Second Professional MBBS
    3rd Phase 1 year PharmacologyPathologyMicrobiology Third Professional MBBS
    4th Phase 1.5 years Medicine & allied subjectsSurgery & allied subjectsObstetrics & Gynaecology Final Professional MBBS

    Course Evaluation

    Course Evaluation (Assessment)


    1. There will be in-course (item/card/term) and end-course (profession) assessment for the student in each phase (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th phase) of the course i.e formative and professional examination.
    2. Formative assessment will be done through results of items, card and term ending examination & class attendance.
    3. For formative assessment, 10% marks of written examination of each paper of subject is allocated.
    4. For MCQ of each paper, 20% marks are allocated, There will separate answer script for MCQ pare of examination. Total number of MCQ will be 20.
    5. For SAQ of each paper, 70% marks are allocated.
    6. Oral part of the examination will be structured.
    7. OSPE/OSCE will be used for assessing skills/ competencies. Traditional long & short cases will be also used for clinical assessment.
    8. University professional examination to be started from May and November.
    9. University professional examination will be completed within the specific time of the concern phase.
    10. Eligibility for appearing in the professional examination.
    11. Pass Marks: Pass mark is 60%. Student shall have to pass written (MCQ+SAQ+ Formative), oral, practical and clinical examination separately.
    12. Examinations & Distribution of Marks:

    First Professional MBBS Examination


    Subject Formative Assessment Written Examination Practical Examination Oral Examination (Structured) Total Marks
    Anatomy 20 180 150 150 500
    Physiology 20 180 100 100 400
    Biochemistry 20 180 100 100 400
            Grand Total: 1300

    Second Professional MBBS Examination


    Subject Formative Assessment Written Examination Practical Examination Oral Examination (Structured) Total Marks
    Community Medicine 10 90 100 100 300
    Forensic Medicine 10 90 100 100 300
            Grand Total: 600

    Third Professional MBBS Examination


    Subject Formative Assessment Written Examination Practical Examination Oral Examination (Structured) Total Marks
    Pharmacology & Therapeutics 10 90 100 100 300
    Pathology 10 90 100 100 300
    Microbiology 10 90 100 100 300
            Grand Total: 900

    Since its inception in 2010 Popular Medical College has been engaged in producing “doctors with a difference capable of taking the charge of the future”. It is at the verge of fulfillment of its commitment and the 1st batch of the

    All students passing the Final Professional MBBS Examination shall be required to undergo one year compulsory internship training at Diabetic Association Medical College Hospital as prescribed by BM & DC which is the prerequisite to obtain the registration from BM & DC for professional practice.

    The training is designed specifically to develop the necessary skill & attitudes to deal with common health problems, by working in hospital and in the community. This training will be meticulously and rigorously supervised. The trainees will be entitled to appropriate subsistence allowance or honorarium.

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