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    Uttara Adhunik Medical College Fees Structure

  • In the year 2007 BMSRI added ‘Uttara Adhunik Medical College’ as its latest unit. the school started its journey on 22nd January 2008 with an enrolment of fifty students.

    Uttara Adhunik Medical College

    • Since then college has undergone tremendous development and has been recognized as a superb seat of learning and motivation. UAMC has been affiliated with Dhaka University from the very beginning (since 2008).
    • The hospital and medical college are pleased with its excellent staff and therefore the faculty of whom many have decades of experience in running medical institutes within the private and government sectors.
    • it’s the dedication of all the members of UAMC&H that has made this institute earn its rightful position & proved itself because the center of excellence within the private medical sector in such a brief distance of your time


    MBBS Fees Structure For International Students

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    Way back in 1984 within the middle of a monopoly trend of Govt. medical services a gaggle of prudent, wise men had foreseen the scopes of medical education privately sectors in Bangladesh and attempted to bring a revolutionary change with the establishment of Bangladesh medical studies research institute (BMSRI).

    it had been the strong devotion of such remarkable individuals that resulted within the formation of Bangladesh medical college (BMC); the primary private medical college and therefore the milestone within the history of personal medical colleges in Bangladesh.

    Since then BMSRI has successfully contributed to opening new avenues for the doctors & physicians within the private sector.

    Uttara Adhunik Medical College & Hospital is that the latest addition to several other successful institutions grown under the aegis of BMSRI.

    MBBS in Bangladesh

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    The dynamic leadership of BMSRI ensured the enrichment of Bangladesh medical college which has further expanded into the culminated creation of an enormous hospital complex at Uttara, referred to as Uttara Adhunik Hospital. Initially, the hospital started with an outside facility on the 12th. March 2003.

    Indoor facilities were available since 10th March 2005. This hospital with a capacity of 500 beds is now registered by the ministry of health and family welfare, the govt of the people’s republic of Bangladesh.

    The major goals of the institute are

    • Lead the Country ahead towards the achievement of a distinguished regional and international standard within the field of medical education & research.
    • Secure comprehensive and high-quality medical services, which dispense patients of seeking medical treatment abroad.
    • Be indirect acquaintance with the newest scientific achievements during this field of specialization.
    • To accomplish these goals this institute has always focused on Promoting and providing
    • Medical education to boost the amount of recognized competent graduate and post-graduate physicians acquiring the power to steer health care service to full fill the growing need of the community.
    • Quality medical aid and health services to people at an inexpensive cost.
    • Research facilities on the diseases prevalent within the country.
    • Skilled manpower within the medical nursing and paramedical fields.

    MBBS Fees: 2024-25


    Mode of Payment:

    Payment of admission fees, Development fees, Donation and every one other charges (US$ 42,250.00).

    During admission:

    Description Amount (US $)

    Total US$ : 55,000.00

    In words: Forty-Five thousand US dollars only.

    Note: If any student doesn’t perform their internship training during this institute (MCWH) she is going to get a refund of USD 2170. the entire amount then to be paid U

    SD (45000-2170) = USD 42830.

    Hostel accommodation fee per annum approximately: US$ 800.00

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    At the time of admission, all students will need to pay a minimum of 1 (01) year hostel seat rent beforehand , if they desire to measure during a hostel. Hostel accommodation fees are an equivalent as local students for one year.

    All students will clear their hostel seat rent before appearing within the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Final professional MBBS examination.

    If they fail within the Final Professional MBBS Examination, they’re going to need to pay US$ 800.00 (Eight hundred US Dollars) for every attempt altogether subjects and US$ 267.00 for every subject. All students will clear their tuition & others fees goodbye they continue their regular courses.

    All students need to pay the other charges which can be imposed by the concerned authority associated with the MBBS course, like RFST, study tour, autopsy visit, etc.


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